LCD TFT Display Module List, 1.3″-10.1″ LCD Panel, Manufacturer Price

1.3 10.1 inch TFT LCD Display

We provide standard 1.3″-10.1″ TFT LCD display module, and 10.2″-24″ TFT LCD Screen Panel, IPS LCD module or TN LCD screen module, some of them are square TFT LCD display panel, and some are circular LCD Screen panel, whether it is sample or bulk production, sample we also provide HDMI board, different kinds of LCD control boards for testing, bulk production we welcome customization, no matter you are customized LCD control board or connect wire, or you need us to do one-stop LCD solution for you, provide an ALL-IN ONE LCD display, these are the services we are willing to do.

These LCD TFT display module all support Customized Item includes Interface/ Brightness/ FPC/ LCD Control Board/ Software support and other accessories customized, and all are manufacturer price.


Size Resolution Interface Luminance Pin connection Storage Temperature
1.3” 240*240 MCU/SPI 300nit 24PIN/26PIN -30℃~70℃
1.52″ 240*283 MCU custom 24PIN -30℃~80℃
1.69″ 240*280 SPI 500nit 40PIN -30℃~70℃
1.89″ 1600*1200 MIPI DSI 650nit 50PIN -30℃~70℃
1.96 round 640*572 MIPI 450nit 30PIN -30℃~80℃
2.0″ 320*240 RGB/SPI 270nit 40PIN/12PIN -20℃~70℃
2.1″ round 480*480 MIPI 250nit 30pin -30℃~80℃
2.2″ 480*800 MIPI customized 39PIN -30℃~70℃
2.23″ 200*480 MIPI 650nit 31pin -30℃~80℃
2.3″ 480*360 MIPI/RGB customized 40PIN -40℃~85℃
2.4″ 240*320 SPI 300nit 10PIN -30℃~80℃
2.41″ 480*640 RGB 420nit 40PIN -30℃~80℃
2.6″ 640*360/320*240 MIPI/SPI 300nit 30PIN/12PIN -30℃~80℃
2.8″ round 480*480 RGB 420nit 40pin -30℃~80℃
2.95” 480*854 RGB/MIPI 350nit 40PIN -30℃~70℃
3.2″ 480*320 MIPI 300nit 51PIN -30℃~80℃
3.5’’ 1440*1600 MIPI 150nit 50PIN -40℃~70℃
3.5’’ 320*240/320*480 MCU/RGB 300nit 45pin/50pin -30℃~80℃
3.5″ auto 240*320 RGB 600nit 50pin -40℃~90℃
3.6″ round 544*506 RGB/LVDS 800nit/350nit 40pin/30pin -30℃~85℃
4.0’’ round 720*720/480*480 LVDS 800nit 39pin/50pin -30℃~85℃
4″ square 320*240 RGB 4700nit 40PIN -40℃~95℃
4.3’’ 480*272/ 800*480 RGB/SPI 330nit 40pin -30℃~85℃
4.3’’ 1920*1080 LVDS 1000nit 60pin -30℃~80℃
5.0’’ 800*480 RGB 750nit 50pin -30℃~85℃
5.0’’ 1080*1920 MIPI 2800nit 31pin -30℃~80℃
5.0’’ round 1080*1080 MIPI 350nit 50PIN -30℃~75℃
5″ 720*1280/ 480*854 MIPI/RGB 300nit 20pin -30℃~80℃
5.5‘’ 720*1280 MIPI 310nit 31pin -30℃~80℃
6.0‘’ 720*1440 MIPI 330nit 40pin -30℃~80℃
6.7’’ 1024*600 LVDS 1000nit 40pin -30℃~85℃
7″ 800*480 RGB 1000nit 50pin -30℃~80℃
7.02″ 1200*1920 MIPI 2500nit/1000nit/350nit 40pin -30℃~70℃
8.0″ 800*1280/800*600/1024*768 MIPI/RGB 380nit/250nit 30/40/50pin -30℃~70℃
8.4’’ auto 1024*768 LVDS 1200nit 20pin -40℃~90℃
8.8’’ 480*1920 MIPI 600nit 40PIN -30℃~80℃
9.35’’ auto 320*1280 MIPI 500nit 40pin -30℃~80℃
10.1″ 800*1280/ 1280*800 MIPI 300nit 31pin -30℃~70℃
10.1’’ 1024*600 TTL 200nit 50pin -30℃~70℃
10.1″ 1200*1920 MIPI 450nit 34pin -55~125 ℃


Optional: With HDMI BoardWith TouchNo TouchWith Accessories WireCustom LCD Control BoardCustom InterfaceCustom BrightnessAll-in-one LCD

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17 inch tft display

Understanding LCD and TFT Display Modules: Everything You Need to Know

In today’s fast-paced world, TFT LCD display modules have become an essential component in various electronic devices, from smartphones to laptops and even smartwatches. These display modules provide clear and detailed visuals, making them a popular choice among manufacturers and consumers alike. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at LCD TFT display modules, their features, and how they work.

Small LCD Screen TFT Color LCD Module

LCD stands for Liquid Crystal Display, which is a type of flat-panel display that uses liquid crystals to create images. The crystals are sandwiched between two sheets of polarizing material and when an electric current is applied, the crystals align, allowing light to pass through and create the image.

TFT, on the other hand, stands for Thin-Film Transistor, which is a type of LCD that uses transistors to control each pixel. This makes TFT displays faster, brighter, and more responsive than traditional LCD displays.

Display modules come in different shapes and sizes, from small TFT displays includes square LCD screens and round lcd display module. The size of the display module is usually determined by the device it will be used in. For example, a smartwatch will have a very small LCD screen, while a laptop will have a larger display module.

The very small LCD displays and some small LCD screens are commonly used in portable devices, such as smartphones, smartwatches, and handheld gaming consoles. These displays are usually less than 5 inches in size and have a lower resolution than larger displays. However, they are still capable of providing clear and detailed visuals.

Larger LCD display panel modules are used in applications where a larger display area is required, such as in automotive dashboards, industrial equipment, and medical devices. These modules offer high resolutions and bright colors, making them ideal for displaying detailed information and graphics.

Custom LCD Module and Standard TFT Display

Manufacturers can also create custom LCD and TFT modules to meet specific requirements. These custom modules can have different shapes, sizes, and even colors. They can also be designed to have specific features, such as touchscreens or high resolution. LCD interface custom TFT display includes MIPI LCD screen, SPI LCD display, RGB LCD display, LVDS LCD panel, and eDP LCD Screen panel.

LCD IPS Display Module

IPS stands for In-Plane Switching, which is a technology used in LCD and TFT display modules to improve color accuracy and viewing angles. IPS displays have a wider viewing angle and better color accuracy than traditional LCD displays. TFT LCD modules can also use IPS technology to provide better visuals.

In conclusion, TFT LCD display modules are essential components in modern electronic devices. They provide clear and detailed visuals, making them a popular choice among manufacturers and consumers. These display modules come in different shapes and sizes, and can even be customized to meet specific requirements. Understanding how they work and their features can help you choose the right display module for your electronic device.

Customization service for TFT LCD display module:

We provide customers with customized screens with different sizes, custom touchscreen panel, whether it is RTP or CTP, we can make various protective glass to protect your screen, anti-glare, surface treatment HC, 3H, 9H, anti-fingerprint, etc. custom a protective case to your screen in any color, plastic, metal, or card paper, which is popular in gifts.

Brightness customization and interface customization are the most choice for many customers. This is too important. It is always difficult for us to find the right interface and suitable brightness, but don’t worry, these are the most common customization LCD solutions. LCD Board and Software: We provide customization of all functions on the board, video and sound, WiFi and Bluetooth, USB and VGA interface or any common interface on the market. If you have a new project, welcome to discuss with us. Of course, all information related to the software is strictly confidential, you and us will be required to negotiate and protect the security of both parties’ information.

If you only need a standard TFT LCD panel without any customization, it is very easy, we only need to provide an HDMI board, and you can test this LCD display easily. Products will be delivered to you quickly, our samples are packed in safe bubble bags and cartons, usually the express of Fedex, DHL or UPS will send them to you, if you buy small quantities, these products are fragile, In addition to the conventional packaging, we will also add a wooden box, which will be anti-drop and anti-pressure, it will better protect these LCD display panel. You can have more independent choices in transportation, using fast express or slow shipping by sea, Of course, shipping by sea will be much cheaper.

If you want check more LCD display module information, please check the form as follow, you could click “View More” to get more. Or contacting us is the quickest way.


1: How do I buy the LCD Display Module?
A: You could send us an email or find us on facebook, Linkedln, etc. If you want to buy online, we have our own online store on Alibaba, which can realize online purchase.

2: How do I pay for the TFT LCD Screen?
We support TT, bank transfer, paypal, etc., or contact us to buy online at Alibaba and pay by credit card

3: How long will the product delivery take?
For general sample transportation, fedex, dhl, ups, etc., the shipping time is 3-10 days, according to the distance and the arrangement of the transportation company, and the bulk production is shipped by sea about 30-60 days.

If you want to know more information about us, please checK click “About Us“! Shenzhen RongJiayi Technology Co., Ltd established ( Rjoytek) in 2014, is a professional high-tech Industrial manufacturer engaged in the production, development, sale and solution of LCD Module, LCD Display, we provide one-stop LCD solution.

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