High Brightness LCD Display, Sunlight Readable TFT Displays

high brightness lcd display

high brightness lcd display

High brightness TFT LCD displays from high quality suppliers Rjoytek suitable for use as an outdoor display or sunlight readable display.

High Brightness TFT LCD displays feature High LED backlight, providing a brightness of up to 2800cd/m², of cause, these high brightness acceptable customized in any size of lcd panel, but there are still some stock one could provide.

Outdoor, these lcd display application for advertising screen, sunlight readable small size industrial computer, shop windows displays and so on.

If you need to any support of high brightness lcds, feel free to contact us, professional experts always here. or any stock lcd display you need to check as follow:


Model Size Resolution Interface Luminance Active area Pin  connection Storage temperature
RV035LQM-700-60 3.5″ TFT 320*240 RGB 700nit 70.08*52.56 60pin -30℃~80℃
RT040LQVM-TBD-40 4″ TFT 320*240 RGB 4700nit/custom 82.08  * 61.56 40pin -40℃~95℃
RV050FHM-31-K28 5″ TFT 1080*1920 MIPI 2800nit 61.88*110.02 31pin -30℃~80℃
RV070WUM-K25-40 7.02″ TFT 1200*1920 MIPI 2500nit 94.5*151.2 40pin -30℃~70℃
RV070WUM-K10-40 7.02″ TFT 1200*1920 MIPI 1000nit 94.5*151.2 40pin -30℃~70℃
RV050WVM-720-50 5″ TFT 800*480 RGB 750nit 108*64.8 50pin -30℃~85℃
RV084XGM-K12-20 8.4″ TFT 1024*768 LVDS 1200nit 170.4*127.8 20pin -40℃~90℃
RV123Z7M-700-50 12.3″ TFT 1920*720 LVDS 700nit 292.032*109.512 50pin -40℃~95℃
RV036YHM-1000-40 3.6″ Round TFT 544*506 RGB 1000nit 89.76*80.79 40pin -30℃~85℃
RV040YGM-800-39 4″ Round TFT 720*720 MIPI 800nit 101.52*101.52 39pin -30℃~80℃
RV043FHM-K10-60 4.3″ TFT 1920*1080 LVDS 1000nit 100.8*56.7 60pin -30℃~80℃
RV070WSM-K10-40 6.7″ TFT 1024*600 LVDS 1000nit 151.76X79.8 40pin -30℃~85℃


Square 4 inch Sunlight Readable LCD Display

The 4 inch TFT sunlight readable LCD display with 4700 nit brightness, this LCD resolution is 320*240, the brightness is customized according to your requirements.

Custom item: Interface, Brightness, Touchscreen, FPC, LCD control board;

FPC custom: FPC shape, materials;

LCD control board custom: Different functional driving board;

LCM Luminance: 4700nit, customized;

Seamless effect solution, make the LCD module color same with the LCD case color








The high brightness 4 inch video:

Rjoytek offer a comprehensive range of Sunlight readable TFT LCD Displays designed to operate in high ambient light conditions. as a tailor-made LCD solution manufacturer, any special LCD module is acceptable to discuss. These products are evaluated according to the application, whether it is water resistance testing or temperature stability to make changes to meet customer requirements. Outdoor high-brightness displays are also different from indoor high-brightness displays. How to deal with the surface glass of the screen is also a problem that a professional supplier should discuss with customers.

Our offer superior quality and readability LCD displays to make these displays an ideal solution for factory automation, marine, malls, and process control applications.

Welcome inquiry from [email protected], or talk with our exports online through our Alibaba shop: https://rjoytek.en.alibaba.com


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