How to Get Sunlight Readable TFT LCD Display, Find a LCD Manufacturer

There are more and more TFT LCD displays used in our daily life, indoors and outdoors, such as Moible phone, TV, Computer, automobile display, digital signage advertising display on road and airport bar display and so on.

In some fields, such as outdoor, this LCD display that require uninterrupted work, high-brightness screens, and sunlight-visible screens, they are all LCD screens used in bad environments. These situations must be considered when making corresponding solutions.

Before going further into how to make an LCD sunlight readable, let’s explore what is visibility.

Visibility is the relationship between luminance contrast and human eye’s threshold. Thus, the higher an object’s contrast is, the better is its visibility. This method is achieved by adjusting the brightness of the LCD backlight and the contrast of the light.


How to make LCD sunlight readable?

1: High-brightness TFT LCD display

One LCD solution is to increase the brightness of the LED backlight of a TFT LCD display to overwhelm bright sunlight and eliminate glare. Typically, a TFT LCD screen has a brightness of about 250 to 450 nits, but when it increases to about 800 to 1000 (1000 is the most common) nits, the device becomes a network of high-brightness LCDs that are sunlight readable monitor.

RJOYTEK(TFT LCD panel manufacturer) with one-stop LCD solution, which custom some high-brightness LCD TFT display reach to 1000nit(7 inch TFT LCD panel), 2500nit(5 inch tft lcd panel) and even 2800nit.

2: Transflective TFT LCD

The semi-transmissive TFT LCD display has a built-in rear polarizer of a translucent material, which illuminates itself by reflecting part of the surrounding light. The stronger the light, the brighter the TFT LCD.

Due to the transmissive and reflective properties of the Transflective TFT LCD, it can work well in both outdoor and indoor environments. In addition, it is very energy efficient, especially suitable for battery-powered devices.


3: Reduce reflectance to make sunlight readable TFT display

In order to further improve the readability of TFT LCD display under direct light, it can be treated with anti-reflection film and anti-glare film, and the reflective film can reduce the reflected light from entering the observer’s eyes, anti-glare reduces glare and diffuses reflections on TFT LCD displays.


4: Full paste, Optical Bonding

Often paired with another method of creating a sunlight readable display is optical bonding. Optical bonding is the process of filling the air gap between the TFT LCD and the top surface of the display with an optical grade adhesive. Optical bonding reduces the refraction of light (from the LCD backlight and the outside), improving the readability of TFT displays. In addition to the optical benefits, it can also improve the durability and touch accuracy of the touch screen, and prevent fogging and condensation.

Through this contrast enhancement, optical bonding solves the fundamental problem of unreadable outdoor displays: contrast. While increasing brightness improves contrast, by fixing the contrast itself, LCD display images in outdoor environments are not washed out and require less power consumption.


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There are many methods to make a TFT LCD display readable under sunlight. They all have their own advantages and disadvantages. If you have more solution about sunlight readable lcds, or you need any help about your lcd projects, welcome to contact us.(RJOYTEK)


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