7 inch TFT LCD 1200*1920 IPS LCD Screen Panel 1000 nit 7 inch LCD Module

  • Size: 7 inch TFT LCD Panel
  • Resolution: 1200*1920
  • Brightness: 1000nit
  • Touch/ No touch
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NO. ZV070WUV-L50
screen size 7 inch
Number of Pixels 1200(H) RGB*1920(V)
Active Area 94.5(H) × 151.2(V)
Dimensional Outline 97.3±0.2(H)*159.4±0.2(V)*0.68±0.08(D)(With Out FPC)
Display Colors 1.07B
Display Mode Normally black
Interface MIPI
Operating Ambient Temperature -10~60 ºc
Storage temperature -30~70 ºC
D-IC FT7250
Brightness 1000nits


1.1 Module storage

  1. Storage temperature:-30 to +70
  2. Place in dark sites to avoid strong lights
  3. Don’t place other thing on their surfaces
  4. Packaged in polyester materials (with anti-static electricity layers) and sealed

1.2 Soldering

  1. Iron head temperature: 280±10℃
  2. Soldering time: <3-4S
  3. Soldering material: eutectic nature, low melting point
  4. Don’t use acid solder
  5. Soldering don’t repeat above 3 times




  1. Custom lcd display size, different lcd module size here, but if you need unusual size, we could custom it for you. IPS or TN is acceptable, Brightness and Touch could customized.
  2. Custom FPC, FPC material and shape, pin and so on.
  3. Custom interface, LVDS, RGB, EDP, MCU and so on.
  4. Custom touch, muti-touch or single touch.
  • This 7 inch TFT LCD module connect with Raspberry pi touch screen you could choose.
  • 7 inch Video brochure card customized
  • High brightness 1000nit, 2500nit or any other brightness customized
  • Horizontal or vertical screen.