Microdisplay for AR/VR

There are 0.38″ LCOS, 0.39″, 0.71″ OLED microdisplay, and 2.1″, 3.5″ TFT LCD displays for virtual reality devices, such as AR VR glasses display, head-mounted displays, and Near-Eye Displays.

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  • 0.39 inch Microdisplay 1920*1080 FHD Micro OLED Display for AR VR

    Model: B039FH8A0
    Size: 0.39 inch Microdisplay
    Resolution: 1920*1080
    Interface: MIPI only or MIPI+I2C


    • Small-Size, High-Resolution Display: This microdisplay boasts a small form factor with a high-resolution 0.39-inch FHD (Full High Definition) display, offering an impressive pixel density of 5644 PPI (Pixels Per Inch).
    • Adaptive Resolution: The display supports Adaptive Resolution, allowing for flexibility in resolution settings with options such as 8*M (M ranging from 40 to 240) pixels horizontally and RGB colors.
    • Full Color: It delivers vibrant visuals with support for full-color mode, rendering 16.7 million colors for rich and accurate imagery.
    • Fast Response: The microdisplay offers fast response times, ensuring smooth and responsive content display.
    • Thin and Lightweight: Its slim profile and lightweight design make it suitable for applications where space and weight are critical factors.
    • Image Enhancement: Features include color enhancement and sharpness enhancement, contributing to improved image quality.
    • High Contrast Mode: Users can benefit from a high-contrast mode, enhancing the differentiation between dark and light areas on the display.
    • High Fluency Mode: The display supports a high fluency mode, ensuring smooth and fluid motion in video content.
    • Power-Saving Mode: It includes a power-saving (PS) mode to optimize energy efficiency when needed.
    • Scan Direction Selection: Users have the option to select the scan direction, either up or down, depending on their specific requirements.
    • Interface Options: The microdisplay provides interface support with options for MIPI only or MIPI+I2C connectivity, offering flexibility in integration.
  • RJOYTEK 0.39 inch 1024*768 OLED Microdisplay Near-eye Displays

    Model: LX039S02
    Size: 0.39 inch OLED microdisplay
    Resolution: 1024*768
    Brightness: 500nit


    •  Small-size, 0.39 inch OLED microdisplay
    • Brightness: 500 cd/m2
    • Resolution: 1024*768
    •  Power-saving function
    •  Up/down and/or right/left inverse display function
    • Orbit supported
    •  Input interface that supports RGB input
  • RJOYTEK 0.71 inch FHD 1920*1080 OLED MIPI I2C Interface VR AR Display Module

    Model: VX071FHP-NH0
    Size: 0.71 inch OLED Microdisplay
    Resolution: 1920*1080
    Interface: MIPI only or MIPI+I2C

    0.71 inch OLED Microdisplay for AR VR, Head mounted displays, Near-Eye Displays

    • Resolution: 1920*1080
    • Interface: MIPI only or MIPI+I2C
    • Support VESA-DSC in-chip decoder
    • Support scaling up 1.33x (1440×810 to 1920 x 1080) and 1.5x (1280×720 to 1920 x 1080)
    • More details please send us email
  • RJOYTEK 0.71 inch Microdisplay 1920*1080 VR AR OLED Microdisplay

    Model: ECX335AF
    Size: 0.71 inch microdisplay
    Resolution: 1920*1080
    Type: Active Matrix Color OLED Display


    ◆ Small size high definition type 0.70 display dots: 1920 (RGB)×1080 = 6.22 M dots

    ◆ High contrast

    ◆ Wide color reproduction range

    ◆ High-speed response

    ◆ Thin type and light weight

    ◆ Power saving function

    ◆ Up/down and/or right/left inverse display function

    ◆ Orbit supported

  • RJOYTEK 2.1 inch 1600*1600 MIPI DSI Interface LCD Display Module

    Model: VS021XRM-NW0-DKP0
    Display Size: 2.1 inch
    Resolution: 1600*1600
    Interface: MIPI DSI


    * High PPI

    * Fast response time

    * High frame ratio

    * High luminance, low reflection and wide viewing angle

    * RoHS、Halogen Free Compliant


    * Virtual Reality Device

    * Augmented Reality Device

  • RJOYTEK 3.5 inch 1440*1600 MIPI SDI Interface TFT LCD Module

    Display method: Active matrix TFT
    Display size: 3.5 inch TFT LCD module
    Resolution: 1440*1600
    Interface: MIPI DSI

    • Size: 3.5 inch LCD module
    • Display mode: Transmission mode, Normally
    • Number of pixels: 1440(H) × 1600(V)
    • NTSC Ratio: 85%
    • Driver IC: NT57860
    • Interface: MIPI DSI (Video Mode)
  • RJOYTEK LCOS Display 0.38 inch 1280*720 Microdisplay for VR AR

    Model: SON-FL07-720P
    Resolution: 1280*720
    Control Interface: I2C Format
    Display Pixel Pitch: 6.6um

    0.38 inch microdisplay for AR VR

    • Display Technology: Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal (FLC) on reflective CMOS
    • Resolution: 1280*720
    • Brightness: 700 cd/m2 Min.
    • Display Pixel Pitch: 6.6um
    • Display Frame Rate: 60 Hz/360Hz (NTSC), 50/300 Hz (PAL)
    • Data Clock Rate: 25 MHz ~ 75 MHz
    • Control Interface: I2C Format


  • Small Color TFT LCD 1.89 inch 1600*1200 LCD Screen

    Model: VS019U0M-NH0-DKP0
    Size: 1.89 inch TFT LCD Screen
    Resolution: 1600*1200
    Interface: MIPI DSI

    1.89 inch TFT LCD Screen Panel

    • Resolution: 1600*1200
    • Interface: MIPI DSI
    • Driver IC: R63455
    • Brightness: 1000nit