RJOYTEK 0.39 inch 1024*768 OLED Microdisplay Near-eye Displays



  •  Small-size, 0.39 inch OLED microdisplay
  • Brightness: 500 cd/m2
  • Resolution: 1024*768
  •  Power-saving function
  •  Up/down and/or right/left inverse display function
  • Orbit supported
  •  Input interface that supports RGB input
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This LX039S02 is a resolution of 1024×768 OLED micro display, with High light-emitting OLED micro display based on a CMOS backplane that also has a standard video interface. The display integrates a panel drive unit and a logic drive unit, while using low power consumption and RGB interface. This 0.39 inch OLED microdisplay panel has high contrast, high consistency and highlight performance.

We provide DMI board, please let me know if you need that.


  •  Small-size, high-definition-type LX039S02 display dots 1024 (RGB) × 768 = 2.36M dots
  •  High contrast
  •  High-speed response
  •  Thin type and light weight
  •  Power-saving function
  •  Up/down and/or right/left inverse display function
  • Orbit supported
  •  Input interface that supports RGB input


  •  Near-eye Displays are used at Wearable Devices, Such as VR&ARGlasses;
  •  Electric View Finders
  •  Near-eye Displays for Medical Equipment
  •  Electric Monocular or Binocular
Model LX039S02
Size 0.39 inch OLED Microdisplay
Display Mode Micro-OLED
Number of pixels 1024(H) ×768 (V)
Aspect Ratio 4 : 3
Active area 7.83 (H) × 5.91 (V)
Pixel pitch 7.5 (H) ×7.5 (V)
Pixel arrangement RGB Stripe Type
Color Depth 16 M(8bit)
Working Voltage 1.8/5/-2 (V)
Module Bonding Type FPC Bonding
Brightness 500 cd/m
Dimensional Outline Outline 13.80 (H) ×48.08(V) ×2.15(Depth)
Operating temperature -40-70 ℃
Storage temperature -40-85 ℃


What is OLED Microdisplay?
OLED means Organic Light-Emitting Diode – a technology that uses LEDs in which the light is produced by organic molecules., which they are self-luminescence, thinness, light weight, large viewing angle, short response time, and high luminous efficiency, and it is easier to achieve high PPI (pixel Density), small size, easy to carry, low power consumption and other application effects, especially suitable for near-eye display devices, VR AR and so on.

Advantages of OLED Microdisplay

1. Self-illumination, high color gamut, rich color effects, High contrast ratio even up to 10000:1

2. High resolution

3. The operating temperature range is wide used

4. Good shock resistance

5. Fast response time

6. High luminous efficiency but low energy consumption

7.MINI size display, easy to carry and application high-tech products like AR VR glasses.

RJOYTEK certification

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This is a simple video for this 0.39 inch 1024*768 OLED microdisplay, more details please contact us!