What is OLED Microdisplay and How to Find a Good Supplier?

    Definition of OLED

    OLED microdisplay is a new type of high-level micro-display technology. OLED microdisplay devices have the excellent characteristics of OLED self-luminescence, thinness, light weight, large viewing angle, short response time, and high luminous efficiency, and it is easier to achieve high PPI (pixel Density), small size, easy to carry, low power consumption and other application effects, especially suitable for near-eye display devices, VR AR and so on.

    Why are we talking about OLED microdisplay?

    Meta-universe concept is coming, this is a huge opportunity. Every powerful big company is designing its own products in new fields according to the concept of metauniverse.
    In the broadest terms, the metaverse is understood as a graphically rich virtual space, with some degree of verisimilitude, where people can work, play, shop, socialize — in short, do the things humans like to do together in real life (or, perhaps more to the point, on the internet).
    From the perspective of display, microdisplay can be adapted to the meta-universe from two aspects: wearable devices such as VR / AR and immersive large screen displays nowdays. microdisplay is the most commonly used in the market for the development of virtual reality products.

    Advantages of OLED Microdisplay

    1. Self-illumination, high color gamut, rich color effects, contrast ratio up to 10000:1

    2. High resolution can be achieved

    3. During the use of all solid state, the operating temperature range is wide

    4. Good shock resistance

    5. The response speed is fast, and the time required for pixel update is less than 1μs

    6. High luminous efficiency and low energy consumption, which is 20% smaller than the LCD function consumption.

    7. High integration

    8.Small size, easy to carry

    How to find a good microdisplay supplier?

    Shenzhen RongJiayi Technology Co., Ltd can provide many microdisplay, the brand is RJOYTEK, which maintain directly or indirectly cooperation with large company AUO, BOE, Lnnolux, LG, Panda, Sharp and so on. RJOYTEK have obtained different Tech Patent-Certificate and ISO9001 Certification, obtained the national high-tech enterprise and Shenzhen high-tech enterprise certificate, it will be a good microdisplay supplier.
    There are some microdisplay such as 0.38 inch flocs micro display, 0.39 inch OLED display, and 0.71 inch sony OLED display and some small size like 2.1 inch, 3.5 inch VR AR LCD display.
    If you need any help, you could send email or contact their professional experts to discuss more information.

    • Model: ECX335AF
    • 0.71 inch microdisplay
    • 1920*1080
    • OLED Panel
    • Model: LX039S02
    • 0.39 inch microdisplay
    • 1024*768
    • Micro-OLED panel
    • Model: VX071FHP-NH0
    • 0.71 inch AMOLED
    • 1920*1080
    • OLED Microdisplay
    • Model: B039FH8A0
    • 0.39 inch OLED Display
    • 1920*1080
    • Active Matrix Color OLED