2.8 inch 240*320 IPS TFT LCD Display Module with CTP

MODEL: RV028QVP-350-10

Square 2.8 inch 240*320 TFT LCD Panel

  • LCD AA: 43.2 (H)* 57.6 (V)
  • TP VA: 43.6 (H)* 58.05 (V)
  • Driver IC: ST7789
  • Touch IC: FT6336U
  • Interface: SPI
  • Touch structure: G+F
  • Surface hardness: 6H
  • with touch
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RV028QVP-350-10 is 2.8 inch square TFT Color LCD 240 * 320 pixel with Touch display module. It use ST7789 Driver IC and FT6336U Touch IC, LCD control board is acceptable custom according to your requirements.

• with 240×320 pixels capacitive touch screen TFT LCD panel
• SPI interface, of cause, interface acceptable to custom or provide LCD driver board.
• Touch structure is G+F, and Surface hardness is 6H

Model RV028QVP-350-10
Size 2.8 inch TFT LCD module
Display Mode Normally Black
Resolution 240(RGB)x320
Pixel pitch 0.18(H) x 0.18(V)
Pixel Arrangement RGB Vertical Stripe
Viewing direction ALL
Module outline dimension 50 (H)*69.02 (V)*2.30(D)
LCD AA 43.2 (H)* 57.6 (V)
TP VA 43.6 (H)* 58.05 (V)
Colors 16.7M
Driver IC ST7789
Interface SPI
Backlight White LED
Touch IC FT6336U
Surface hardness 6H
Touch structure G+F
Operating Temperature -20℃~ +70℃
Storage Temperature -30℃~ +80℃


Parameter Symbol Min Max Unit
Power Supply voltage 1 VCI~GND -0.3 +4.6 V
Power Supply voltage 2 IOVCC~GND -0.3 +4.6 V
Logic Input Voltage Range VIN -0.3 IOVCC+0.5 V
Logic Output Voltage Range VO -0.3 IOVCC+0.5 V

Driving TFT LCD Panel

Parameter Symbol Min Typ Max Unit
Supply voltage for analog circuit VCI 2.6 2.8 3.3 V
Supply voltage for logic circuit IOVCC 1.65 1.8 3.3 V
Input voltage ′H′level VIH 0.7*IOVCC IOVCC V
Input voltage ′L′level VIL GND 0.3*IOVCC V
Output voltage ′H′level VOH 0.8*IOVCC IOVCC V
Output voltage ′L′level VOL GND 0.2*IOVCC V

Here are many parameters can be customized flexibly. If you need to customize a special-purpose lcd display, you could discuss more with us. We can make some modifications of the LCD panel according to your requirements, or evaluate and develop a new project for you.
If you want to know more about our company, you can click “ABOUT US” to see more company information about us, or contact us is the most direct way, we are happy to answer any questions for you.

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2.8 inch 240*320 TFT LCD display module video