5 inch LCD Screen 1080*1920 Sunlight readable 5inch TFT LCD Panel

MODEL: RV050FHM-31-K28
  • Size: 5 inch tft lcd module
  • Resolution: 1080*1920
  • Brightness: 2800 cd/m²
  • Interface: MIPI-4LaneI interface
  • View Angle: Full view
  • Active Area: 61.88(W) ×110.02(L)


  • With HDMI board
  • With Touch/ no touch
  • Custom brightness
  • Custom LCD board
  • Android solution
  • Others
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This is a high luminance TFT 5 inch square LCD display panel with high resolution of 1080*1920, and MIPI-4LaneI interface, full view lcd panel, application for viewfinder or camera.

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Model RV050FHM-31-K28
Size 5 inch tft lcd screen
Display Format 1080(R,G,B)*1920
Input Data MIPI-4LaneI interface
View Angle Full view
Display Colors 16.7M TRUE COLOR
Module Size 75.88(W)×119.47(L)×2.8(T)
Active Area 61.88(W) ×110.02(L)
Pixel Size 0.0573×0.0573
Operating Temperature -20 to +70 ℃
Storage Temperature -30 to +80 ℃
LCM Luminance 2800 cd/m²


5 inch 1080*1920 TFT LCD Panel Feature

Unleashing the Power of High Brightness

One of the standout features of the sunlight readable 5-inch TFT LCD screen is its remarkable luminance capability of 2800 nits. This level of brightness significantly surpasses standard LCD screens, making it an ideal choice for applications that require excellent visibility in high ambient light conditions. With this enhanced brightness, the screen minimizes glare and provides users with clear and legible content, even when exposed to direct sunlight.


Crisp Resolution and Immersive Detail

The high resolution of 1080×1920 5-inch TFT LCD screen ensures sharp and detailed visuals. Whether it’s viewing images, videos, or text, the high pixel density brings clarity and depth to the displayed content. This level of resolution enhances user experiences in a wide range of applications, from industrial equipment interfaces to automotive displays and consumer electronics.


Outdoor Applications

The high brightness capability of the 2800nit LCD screen makes it particularly suitable for outdoor applications. Traditionally, direct sunlight can render screens washed out and unreadable. However, with this display module, outdoor signage, outdoor monitor, and information kiosks can provide vivid and eye-catching visuals, ensuring that important information reaches viewers without compromising readability.


Industrial and Medical Applications

In industrial and medical settings, precise visual feedback is crucial for optimal performance and accuracy. The High Brightness 2800nit 5-inch TFT LCD screen meets these requirements by offering exceptional brightness and resolution. It can be incorporated into industrial machinery interfaces, control panels, monitoring systems, medical monitors, diagnostic equipment, and surgical displays, enabling operators and medical professionals to access critical information with clarity and precision.


Future-Proofing Visual Technologies

As display technology continues to advance, the High Brightness 2800nit 5-inch TFT LCD screen stands as a testament to the quest for better visual experiences. Flexible customized ensure this 5 inch tft screen get more clients favors, in the LCD control board side, whatever usual function board or HDMI board, or Android we could do the LCD solution. In the display side, the interface custom, touchscreen solution, or others that customers requirements, we would discuss the future LCD technology with customers.


More 5 inch TFT LCD Display you could get

Size Model Resolution Interface Luminance Pin  connection Active area Storage tmperature
5″ RV050WVM-720-50 800*480 RGB 750nit 50pin 108(H)*64.8(V) -30℃~75℃
5″ RV050HDM-310-31 720*1280 mipi-DSI 310nit 31pin 61.78×109.82 -30℃~70℃
5″ RV050FWM-520-45 480*854 3spi+RGB 520nit 45pin 61.632*109.653 -30℃~80℃
5″ round ZS050YMM-J40 1080*1080 MIPI 350nit 50PIN 127.008*127.008 -30℃~75℃

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