Sunlight Readable TFT Display

Our advantage is to customize 1.3 inch to 24 inch LCD sunlight readable TFT display screen. Of course, we also have a small part of customization for outdoor LCD stretched bar advertising screens, such as 24 inch, 31.5 inch, 43 inch stretch bar TFT LCD Advertising display is also a brightness project that we usually customize for customers. Our sunlight readable TFT displays are available with or without touchscreen features and come with different formats and display modes to fit any application. All these high brightness LCD screen support different function tailor-made.

Sunlight Readable TFT LCD Display Catalog

There are part of our sunlight readable LCD display for you checking, please note that we do LCD solution and customized, we could custom LCD brightness, if there is not type you need, please contact us freely.

Model Size Resolution Interface Luminance Active area(mm) Pin  connection Storage temperature
RV035LQM-700-60 3.5″ 320*240 RGB 700nit 70.08*52.56 60pin -30℃~80℃
RT040LQVM-TBD-40 4″ 320*240 RGB 4700nit/custom 82.08  * 61.56 40pin -40℃~95℃
RV050FHM-31-K28 5″ 1080*1920 MIPI 2800nit 61.88*110.02 31pin -30℃~80℃
RV070WSM-K1-50 7″ 800*480 RGB 1000nit 108(H)*64.8(V) 50pin -30℃~80℃
RV070WUM-K25-40 7.02″ 1200*1920 MIPI 2500nit 94.5*151.2 40pin -30℃~70℃
RV070WUM-K10-40 7.02″ 1200*1920 MIPI 1000nit 94.5*151.2 40pin -30℃~70℃
RV050WVM-720-50 5″ 800*480 RGB 750nit 108*64.8 50pin -30℃~85℃
RV084XGM-K12-20 8.4″ 1024*768 LVDS 1200nit 170.4*127.8 20pin -40℃~90℃
RV123Z7M-700-50 12.3″ 1920*720 LVDS 700nit 292.032*109.512 50pin -40℃~95℃
RV036YHM-1000-40 3.6″ Round 544*506 RGB 1000nit 89.76*80.79 40pin -30℃~85℃
RV040YGM-800-39 4″ Round 720*720 MIPI 800nit 101.52*101.52 39pin -30℃~80℃
RV043FHM-K10-60 4.3″ 1920*1080 LVDS 1000nit 100.8*56.7 60pin -30℃~80℃
RV070WSM-K10-40 6.7″ 1024*600 LVDS 1000nit 151.76X79.8 40pin -30℃~85℃
RV103Z7M-K10-50 10.25″ 1920*720 LVDS 1000nit 243.648  ×91.368 50pin -40℃~95℃


Besides Brightness, What else Customized Do We Support?

1: FPC, we tailor-made the available FPC for you, including the interface definition, FPC shape, material, etc.

2: LCD control board, usually after we purchase the lcd screen, we must purchase the control board and driver board, we usually provide HDMI board, and customize the LCD control board with various functions. These LCD control boards are customized according to your requirements, they usually support wifi, bluetooth, video, sound and many other different functions.

3: LCD Screen Surface treatment, in order to achieve sunlight readability TFT LCD, we need to increase the brightness of the LED backlight of the TFT LCD display to resist bright sunlight and eliminate glare. We will also do anti-glare surface treatment of the screen, AF, AR, AG anti-glare treatment, customized according to the actual needs of customers. The most common are anti-reflective (A/R) films/coatings and anti-glare treatments.

4: LCD Touchscreen customization, Nowadays, many TFT LCD display devices have turned to touch screens. LCD Touch screens are already an indispensable daily requirement. The touch options include CTP and RTP, namely capacitive touch screens and resistive touch screens. Capacitive touchscreen, while it’s more expensive than resistive touchscreen, is better for sunlight readable displays than resistive because it uses a thinner film or even in-cell technology instead of two layers above the display glass, so Many of our solution customers will choose CTP. In addition, our touch solutions also have a variety of options, glove touch, waterproof touch, single-finger touch, multi-finger touch, G+G, G+F, G+FF to choose from. If you want to know a lot about G+G, G+F, G+FF, click here: How To Understand The GG GF GFF Technology

5: Seamless Effect Solution, this is a technology about beauty, if you have beautiful requirements for your LCD monitors, then you can consider customizing the integration LCD display that the environment and products. Please link here for more Seamless Effect Solution details: Seamless Effect Solution


Applications for These Sunlight Readable TFT Display

Sunlight-readable displays are mainly used for products that require more outdoors, such as industrial computers, LCD advertising screens that are deployed outdoors and need to be highlighted, and announcement screens.

There are also some smart kiosks, outdoor game consoles, etc. that fully meet the requirements of high brightness LCD. They are usually set up in public places that are not air-conditioned or have a roof.

Such sunlight-readable displays are also used to control the interface of outdoor machinery, including agricultural, airport and marine operations.

How Sunlight-Readable Displays Work?

There are two ways to make the display readable in sunlight, increasing the display brightness to exceed the sun’s glare, and reducing the reflectivity of the top surface. Increasing the internal brightness is the easiest and most common method as it only requires a more powerful backlight rather than modifying the materials of the display itself.

Disadvantages of High Brightness LCD Displays

While the advantages of a sunlight-readable display are many, but it is also with its disadvantages, with high-brightness displays resulting in greater power consumption and shorter battery life. To emit more light, more power will be required, which can also cause the device to overheat, reducing battery life and products prolife. If you increase the power of the backlight, the LED half-life may also be shortened.

Highly bright devices can also tire the user’s eyes easily, so it’s good practice that many devices allow users to adjust the brightness, so this concern is usually not too serious.


Sunlight readable TFT displays have brightness levels ranging from 700 nits to 4500 nits, providing enough brightness to be functional even in direct sunlight and also meet industrial requirements, if you have any brightness TFT LCD needs to discuss, Welcome to contact us.

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