2.1/2.8/3.6/4/5 inch Round TFT LCD Display Module

Rjoytek provide the wide range 1.3″ to 5″ small round TFT color LCD display, LCD touch screen module, wide temperature LCD, transparent TFT LCD display module, Sunlight readable Circular LCD display panel. high quality, fast delivery, small MOQ, customized flexible, and factory directly price.

Advantages of round TFT LCD displays

It meets the needs of some special products, and has a beautiful appearance. It is visually beautiful when applied to products, and is suitable for some small-sized products such as smart watches.

Circular LCD screen application field

Circular LCD screens are currently used in medical care, central control, museums, science and technology museums, conference rooms, urban planning exhibition halls, media centers, large supermarkets and shopping malls.

There are different size round TFT LCD Display below, if any type you need, please contact us.

1.3″ MCU/SPI 240*240 23.4*23.4 -30℃~70℃ READ MORE
1.96″ MIPI 640*572 49.728(H) x 44.364(V) -30℃~80℃ READ MORE
2.47″ mipi-DSI 480*480 62.64(H)*62.64(V) -30℃~70℃ READ MORE
2.1″ customized 480*480 53.28*53.28 -30℃~80℃ READ MORE
2.76″/2.8″ RGB 480*480 70.13*70.13 -30℃~80℃ READ MORE
3.4“ MIPI 800*800 87.60*87.60 -40-90 ℃ READ MORE
3.6″ RGB 544*506 89.76*80.79 -30℃~85℃ READ MORE
4″ MIPI 720*720 101.52*101.52 -30℃~80℃ READ MORE
5″ MIPI 1080*1080 127.008*127.008 -30℃~75℃ READ MORE


Can I get the round lcd display with small MOQ?

Yes, we support our customers with samll MOQ LCD display customized, we provide many sample with custom LCD control board and LCD module, with custom interface, high brightness LCD display, automotive grade LCD screen, outdoor LCD display and even software support.

If for custom lcd module that with IC chip on glass or open new module, we will calculate the best cost for you, and all the requirement will sign a contract and confidentiality agreement, we will protect the privacy of all customers.

The view angle TN or IPS is accepatble to customized, and according to your special item, waterproof and anti-fingerprint treatment is also customized, we can do GG, GF, GFF, AG anti-glare.


How to custom TFT LCD monitors?

1. Confirm the sizes first, what size LCD monitor would like to custom making? Then you need to discuss with us the brightness you need, the interface, the material and color of the display case and frame, whether you need to printing logo, whether we assemble it for you or send it to your assembly supplier, whether certification is required, etc. A perfect project needs many process that we need tp discuss, please feel free to contact freely.


Can I buy something else at the same time besides the LCD display?

Yes, besides providing the LCD display, we can also provide you with the LCD control board. These driver boards can be purchased together with the LCD display, or you can purchase the driver board from us separately. In addition, there are connecting lines. At the same time, we also provide customers with corresponding interface cables, which can save time and money for our customers, which is our one-stop service.


Our LCD Solution

We provide HDMI Board solution and LCD control board solution, include Android board, raspberry pi and ESP32, etc. All LCD and board functions are flexible and customizable, such as some of our simple HDMI cases, which can easily convert one interface to another, such as MIPI interface transfer to LVDS, MIPI to RGB, and so on. And our Complex customization projects, 10.1 inch Android projects, have customized various functions to meet customers. We provide a series of customization assistance from screen to board. If you are interested, you can check 10.1 inch android solution projects here. 10.1 INCH TOUCHSCREEN ANDROID SOLUTION


Check More Round TFT Display Details as Following:

The 2.1 inch round TFT LCD Panel, it is 480*480 resolution, and this 2.1 inch LCD panel is two type, with capacitive touch screen, or no touch. SPI+RGB interface is the usual interface.

This 2.1-inch color display panel has a good application in the car instrument speedometer display, and Tesla’s speedometer uses this LCD module. We can provide you with this screen only, or we provide you with this speedometer for Tesla. This 2.1 inch round LCD module is also widely used in smart coffee machines, 480*480 resolution, interface and brightness can be customized flexible.

2.8 inch round TFT LCD display module (RV028Z6M-400-40), is a color active matrix TFT-LCD Panel using amorphous silicon TFT’s (Thin Film Transistors) as an active switching devices, This TFT-LCD has a 2.76 inch diagonally measured active area with WVGA resolutions (480 horizontal by 480 vertical pixel array). Each pixel is divided into Red, Green, Blue dots which are arranged in vertical stripe and this panel can display 16.7M colors.
2.5 inch TFT LCD Screen Panel(EV025Z6M-J80), this shape of this product is a polygon, but its display area is a circle. This product can be used in industrial or medical products. 2.5inch lcd module
3.6 inch round TFT LCD Screen module (HW036H120A), This is a flexible multi-function display panel, which has different specifications to choose from, This typical 3.6 inch round LCD screen  panel is used on electronic motorcycles, so its temperature tolerance is relatively reliable, thus its thickness is thicker than ordinary screens.
Of course, it can also be used in smart home displays. When used in smart home products, its thickness will be obviously thinner.
4 inch round TFT LCD display(RV040YGM-320-40), is a color active matrix TFT-LCD Panel using amorphous silicon TFT’s (Thin Film Transistors) as an active switching devices. This model is composed of a TFT-LCD Panel, a driving circuit and a back light system. It is a transmissive type display operating in the normal white. This TFT-LCD has a 4.0 inch diagonally measured active area with WVGA resolutions (720 horizontal by 720 vertical pixel array). Each pixel is divided into Red, Green, Blue dots which are arranged in vertical stripe and this panel can display 16.7M colors.
5 inch 1080P TFT Circular LCD Display Panel, this 5 inch round lcd panel with 1080*1080 resolution, is a color active matrix TFT-LCD Panel using LTPS TFT’s (Thin Film Transistors) as an active switching devices, if you FHD lcd panel, this is a good choose.


We are happy to show you our product quality, our products are 100% tested then shipped, you could view our round TFT LCD panel through the video.


Whatever any type or any size you need, welcome to contact RJOYTEK, we do one-stop LCD solution, which that we also provide all in one lcd monitor, customized touch screen, and solution for the interface, control board, such as h dmi board, and glass and so on.