Seamless Effect Solution

Seamless Effect Solution

Seamless Effect Solution

The Seamless Effect display is people’s pursuit of aesthetics. TFT LCD screens no longer only have black and gray options, and we could choose more.

Making the TFT LCD screen color the same as the bezel color, and making the TFT LCD screen panel color the same as the ending product’s color. Let your lcd screen and the product be fully integrated, which is great progress in the surface treatment of the screen.

Let’s see the seamless effect of the following:

Color OCA–the best solution to achieve an integrated effect.
Of course, there are many solutions that could achieve the seamless effect, such as Color OCA, Cover Lens, Screen Print, Dyed Cover Glass, Nano Film, Cover Lens, and Coating, but among these solutions, the highest rate of good product, the most convenient and efficient is Color OCA.

Now, let’s take a look at the advantages of Color OCA:

Convenience: Do not need to change the production process, using Color OCA directly to replace Transparent OCA;

Uniformity: Color died in the OCA during its original state, uniformity can be assured;

Efficiency: Various choices on thickness/transmittance, flexible for customization to meet requirements, maximize the best possible seamless effects efficiently;

Cost:Best C/P selection to realize Seamless effectiveness.

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