Medical LCD Display

12.1 inch medical lcd display

Medical equipment is an indispensable product in people’s life. Especially during the covid-19 period, the demand for medical equipment is increasing, and ECG and Blood Pressure Monitor and Ventilators are very important. The 15 inch 1024 * 768 and 12.1 inch 800 * 600 medical LCD displays provided by RJOYTEK are applied to ECG and Blood Pressure Monitor equipment. We also provide complete medical display solutions.

For medical handheld devices, we have various small sized TFT LCD displays, such as 2.4 inch 240×320, round 2.8 inch 480 * 480, 3.2 inch 480 * 320, 3.5 inch 320×240 or 320 * 480, and 4.3 inch 480×272 LCD panel. As one of the LCD display panel manufacturers, RJOYTEK can also customize LCD modules according to customer requirements, whether it is screen customization or interface support, welcome contact us.

RJOYTEK OEM ODM customizes the LCD display according to your requirements, especially the LCD touch screen module, FPC and backlight. in addition to the customization of medical equipment display, we also have mature experience in the customization of automotive LCD screen. If you need to know more about the car screen, please contact us.

15 inch medical lcd display

12.1 inch medical lcd display

8.4 inch medical lcd display