LCD Screen For Car

car lcd display

A typical car usually has multiple smart displays, GPS Head-Up display speedometer, digital dashboard display, and multi-function touchscreen. If it is public transportation, indoor advertising screens and outdoor advertising screens will also be installed, and there will be a small TV display and PC computer on trains or high-speed trains. Among the many displays, the TFT LCD screen is currently the most widely used in automotive.

The standard car screen used in automotive systems are TFT-LCDs, usually, these LCD screens have gained people’s trust with their high brightness, high resolution, good tolerance to high and low temperatures, and reasonable cost, enabling them to operate in challenging automotive environments, and shows their good reliability to widely used by people.

We have small circular car LCD displays, these displays are used in electric bicycles(Ebike), motorcycles or car speedometers, such as 3.6 inch 544*506 for motorcycles, 4 inch 720*720 for Ebike, 2.1 inch 480*480 for Tesla.

We provide the 9.35 inch 320*1280, 10.1 inch 440*1920 Head-up digital speedometers GPS TFT LCD screen, and 12.3 inch 1920*720 bar type touch screen, these TFT displays are the wide application for different types of cars.

Size Model Resolution Interface Luminance Active area(mm) Storage temperature
3.5″ RV035QVM-600-50 240*320 RGB 600nit 53.28*71.04 -40℃~90℃
3.6″ RV036YHM-1000-40 544*506 RGB 800nit 89.76*80.79 -30℃~85℃
4″ RV040YGM-800-39 720*720 MIPI 800nit 109.6*103.29*7.8 -30℃~80℃
8.4″ RV084XGM-K12-20 1024*768 LVDS 1200nit 170.4*127.8 -40℃~90℃
9.35″ RV093LAP-500-40 320*1280 MIPI 500nit 232.32*170.88 -30℃~80℃
10.1″ RV101LBP-480-40 440*1920 MIPI 480nit 252.86(W) ×57.95(L) -30℃~80℃
10.25″ RV103Z7M-K10-50 1920*720 LVDS 1000nit 243.648 (H) ×91.368 (V) -30℃~80℃
12.3″ RV123Z7P-700-50 1920*720 LVDS 700nit 292.032*109.512 -40℃~95℃


3.6 inch round lcd module

3.6 inch 544*506 tft display for Ebike

4 inch 720*720 car grade lcd panel

Speedometer Digital LCD Cluster Instrument Panel

2.1 inch 480*480 car display for Tesla

car head up lcd display

9.35 inch 320*1280 car TFT LCD Display

8.4 inch lcd module

8.4 inch 1024*768 automotive grade lcd screen

12.3 inch touch screen

12.3 inch 1920*720 automotive LCD touch screen


Our advantage, in addition to providing the necessary HDMI adapter board, we can also provide other control boards, these boards and LCD screens can be purchased from us together, one-stop service is our aim.

  • We provide customization, including product size, touch screen, digital cable, and control board;
  • We have obtained various product certificates and factory certifications, such as ISO9001, ISO45001, REACH, CE, etc;
  • We have 2 factories, we can provide fast lead time and fast production time;

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