Car LCD Display 10.25 inch 1920*720 Automotive LCD Touchscreen

MODEL: RV103Z7P-K10-50
  • Size: 10.25 inch touchscreen for car
  • Resolution: 1920*720
  • Pin connect: 50pin
  • Interface: LVDS
  • Color gamut: NTSC 70% min
  • Surface hardness: 3H

(1) 2 Port LVDS interface
(2) 16.7M (8bit) color depth, color gamut 70%
(3) Green product (RoHS & Halogen free product)


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This is an TFT LCD display panel for car, with an ultra wide bar type of 10.25 inches 1920 * 720 resolution. It has an ultra wide temperature range of – 40-95 degrees, which can meet the needs of most ordinary cars. The surface hardness treatment reaches 3H, which is a necessary condition for automotive LCD screen. Moreover, it is LCD touchscreen, this is a good choice for high-end car.
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Check The Parameter

Model RV103Z7P-K10-50
Size 10.25 inch automotive lcd display panel
Active area 243.648 (H) ×91.368 (V)
Number of pixels 1920(H) ×720(V)
Pixel pitch 0.1269 (H) ×0.1269 (V)
Pixel arrangement RGB Vertical stripe
Display colors 16.7M (8bits)
Color gamut NTSC 70% min
Display mode Normally black
Outline Dimension 251.148±0.2(H)*101.098±0.2(V)*1.08 (Without PCBA)

251.148±0.3(H)*142.548±0.5(V)*3.2Max (With PCBA)

Surface treatment HC
Surface hardness 3H
Operating Temperature -30-85 °C
Storage Temperature -40-95 °C


lcd touchscreen for car



Why This 10.25 inch LCD Display?

In today’s fast-paced world, technology continues to reshape various aspects of our lives, and the automotive industry is no exception. With the advent of advanced car displays, such as the Car LCD Display 10.25 inch 1920*720 Automotive LCD Touchscreen, drivers and passengers are now presented with an immersive and interactive experience on the road.

High-Resolution Visual Experience:

The Car LCD Display offers a vibrant and crystal-clear 1920*720 resolution, ensuring sharp images and vivid colors. This high-definition display enhances the overall visual experience, providing drivers with clear navigation maps, detailed vehicle information, and sharp video playback. The improved visibility contributes to safer driving, as drivers can quickly and easily access vital information without distraction.

Interactive Touchscreen Interface:

The touchscreen functionality of the Car LCD Display further elevates the user experience. With a simple tap or swipe, drivers can effortlessly navigate through various menus, access multimedia features, and control vehicle settings. The intuitive interface ensures a user-friendly experience, allowing drivers to stay focused on the road while conveniently accessing the display’s functionalities.

Enhanced Connectivity:

The Car LCD Display incorporates advanced connectivity options to integrate seamlessly with modern smartphones and other devices. Through Bluetooth or USB connections, drivers can effortlessly connect their devices to the display, enabling hands-free calling, media streaming, and accessing compatible mobile applications. This connectivity enhances convenience, entertainment, and productivity while on the move.

Advanced Vehicle Information:

Apart from entertainment and connectivity, the Car LCD Display serves as an information hub, providing real-time updates on critical vehicle data. Drivers can monitor fuel consumption, tire pressure, engine performance, and other essential metrics, enabling proactive maintenance and optimizing driving habits. This real-time information empowers drivers to make informed decisions, leading to better vehicle performance and improved safety.

Customization and Personalization:

The Car LCD Display offers extensive customization options, allowing drivers to tailor their interface to their preferences. They can choose from various themes, layouts, and widgets to create a personalized driving environment. This level of customization not only adds aesthetic appeal but also ensures that drivers have quick and easy access to the features they use most frequently.

Integration with Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS):

Many modern vehicles come equipped with advanced driver-assistance systems for enhanced safety on the road. The Car LCD Display seamlessly integrates with these systems, providing drivers with real-time notifications, alerts, and visual representations of surrounding obstacles. This integration ensures that drivers have a comprehensive view of their surroundings, contributing to a safer and more confident driving experience.


The Car LCD Display 10.25 inch 1920*720 Automotive LCD Touchscreen represents a significant leap forward in automotive technology. Its high-resolution display, interactive touchscreen interface, enhanced connectivity, and integration with advanced driver-assistance systems transform the driving experience. With improved visibility, access to real-time information, and customization options, this cutting-edge display enhances safety, convenience, and enjoyment for drivers and passengers alike. As technology continues to evolve, car displays like the Car LCD Display will undoubtedly play an integral role in shaping the future of automotive innovation.


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