RJOYTEK 4 inch Square LCD Module 720*720 LCD Touch Panel

MODEL: RJY040TG-720-720
  • Size: 4 inch square lcd module
  • Touch: With Touch
  • Resolution: 720*720
  • Touch Interface: I2C
  • Display interface: MIPI
  • Display driver IC: AXS1832
  • Touch IC: FT6336U(Single-touch) , AXS9621(multitouch),  HY4621(multi-touch)


  • Custom Brightness
  • Custom Touch
  • With HDMI Board
  • Custom LCD control board
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RJOYTEK 4 inch Square LCD Module 720*720 LCD Touch Panel, model is RJY040TG-720-720, Touch is acceptable customized, CTP/RTP, single touch/ Multi-touch.

Model RJY040TG-720-720
Size 4 inch TFT lcd module
Module area LCM+CTP: 84 x 84(excluding FPC) x 2.82

LCM:74.83 x 78.98 (excluding FPC) x1.54

Display Viewing area 71.93×71.93
Graphic format 720 (RGB) × 720,16.7M colors
Display Driver IC AXS1832
Display Interface Type 1/2/3/4 Lane MIPI
Touch Panel IC FT6336U(Single-touch)



Touch Interface Type I2C






Industrial Control Systems: The 4 inch touchscreen can be used in industrial control systems where a compact and durable display is required. It can be utilized in control panels or HMI (Human-Machine Interface) devices to monitor and control various industrial processes.

Portable Gaming Devices: The square LCD panel touchscreen can be employed in handheld gaming consoles or portable gaming devices. It can provide an interactive display for gaming controls, menus, and gameplay visuals.

Point-of-Sale (POS) Systems: The 4 inch LCD touchscreen can be used in compact point-of-sale systems for retail or hospitality industries. It can serve as an interactive interface for customers and cashiers to input information, select items, and complete transactions.

Medical Devices: The 4 inch TFT display can find applications in medical devices, such as portable diagnostic devices or patient monitoring systems. It can provide a visual interface for displaying vital signs, medical data, or test results.

IoT (Internet of Things) Devices: The Square TFT touchscreen can be integrated into various IoT devices where a compact and interactive display is needed. For example, it can be used in smart home control panels, home automation systems, or IoT-enabled appliances.

Handheld Measurement Instruments: The 4inch Touch display can be utilized in handheld measurement instruments like multimeters, oscilloscopes, or thermal cameras. It can provide a visual interface to display measurement readings, waveforms, or thermal images.

Personal Digital Assistants: The compact size and touch functionality make the display suitable for personal digital assistants (PDAs) or handheld organizers. It can provide a visual interface for managing schedules, contacts, notes, and other personal information.


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