7 inch TFT LCD 1200*1920 LCD Screen Sunlight Readable 7inch LCD Panel

MODEL: RV070WUM-K25-40
  • Size: 7 inch TFT LCD Panel
  • Resolution: 1200*1920
  • Brightness: 2500nit/ custom
  • Touch/ No touch
  • With HDMI board
  • Interface: MIPI-4LaneI
  • LCD AA: 94.5(W)*151.2(H)


  • Custom LCD control board
  • Custom Touch
  • Custom brightness
  • Custom all-in-one LCD monitor
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RV070WUM-K25-40 is a sunlight readable TFT LCD that with 2500nit brightness, and the Luminance is a acceptable custom item, you also could get different 800nit, 1000nit, 2000nit or others, it depends on your requirements.

This 7 inch 1200*1920 TFT screen interface is MIPI, and touch is optional, usually is capacitive touch panel, but we also acceptable custom RTP, single touch and multi-touch and so on. We provide different LCD board custom, HDMI board, Functional control board, Android board, and so on.


Model RV070WUM-K25-40
screen size 7 inch
Number of Pixels 1200(H) RGB*1920(V)
Active Area 94.5(H) × 151.2(V)
Pixel Size 78.5 (W) *78.5(H)
Module Size 108.00(W )*163.55(H)*4.2(T)
Display Colors 16.7M TRUE COLOR
Display Mode Normally black
Interface MIPI-4LaneI interface
Operating Ambient Temperature  -20 to +70 ℃
Storage temperature -30 to +80 ℃
Pin 40pin
Brightness 2500nit





Mobile Devices: The high resolution and brightness make it suitable for smartphones and tablets, providing crisp visuals and enhanced visibility even in bright outdoor conditions.

Industrial Control Panels: The high brightness allows operators to view critical information and control systems effectively, even in harsh industrial environments with bright lighting.

Outdoor Advertising: The bright and high-resolution display can be utilized in digital signage and outdoor advertising, delivering vibrant and attention-grabbing content in various lighting conditions.

Medical Devices: The display’s resolution and brightness make it useful for medical equipment such as portable ultrasound machines or patient monitoring devices, enabling healthcare professionals to view detailed images and data accurately.

Gaming Consoles: The high-resolution display with increased brightness can enhance the gaming experience on handheld consoles, providing vivid graphics and improved visibility during gameplay.

Point-of-Sale (POS) Systems: The bright display can be used in retail or hospitality settings for point-of-sale systems, enabling clear visibility of product information, prices, and transaction details.


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  1. Custom lcd display size, different lcd module size here, but if you need unusual size, we could custom it for you. IPS or TN is acceptable, Brightness and Touch could customized.
  2. Custom FPC, FPC material and shape, pin and so on.
  3. Custom interface, LVDS, RGB, EDP, MCU and so on.
  4. Custom touch, muti-touch or single touch.
  • This 7 inch TFT LCD module connect with Raspberry pi touch screen you could choose.
  • 7 inch Video brochure card customized
  • High brightness 1000nit, 2500nit or any other brightness customized
  • Horizontal or vertical screen.