How Many Types of Automotive LCD Screens? And Suggestion a Supplier

There are more and more automotive LCD screens, including central control navigation and entertainment LCD, LCD instruments, HUD, side view screens, front and rear mirror screens, and co-pilot entertainment LCD screens.

With the popularization of new energy vehicles, people have more and more comprehensive requirements for cars, requiring the car display to be practical and have aesthetic performance and comfort.

In addition to the necessary car control display mentioned above, the current intelligent car also has more innovative designs, such as the switch screen for controlling the air conditioner and the small screen for Audio. To show a more colorful environment in the car with the matching of lights and music. The sunroof screen allows you to watch movies and play games while lying down, and can also create a variety of weather atmospheres and create different virtual environment spaces for the car.

Types of Automotive LCD Screens

1: The car LCD size of the navigation central control: the central control is mainly 6~8 inches, and the market growth of more than 10 inches is obvious. The resolution of WVGA will reduce the proportion. HD and WHD/FHD have a rapid growth trend. Currently, 8-inch, 10.25-inch, and 12.3-inch, These dimensions are the main choices for automotive displays.

2: Car instrument display: The size distribution is relatively dense. Currently, circular LCD screens below 5 inches are mainly used for single speedometers, such as 2.1-inch, 3.6-inch, and 4-inch circular screens. There are also large stretched bar LCD screens such as 12.3-inch and 10.25-inch, which are used as one-screen but with two speedometer instruments.

The design of car instrumentation and central control shows the diversity and personalized design. There are separate single-screen designs, integrated designs of instrumentation and central control entertainment large screen, dual-screen joint designs, three-screen joint designs, and multi-screen combined designs.
The selection of automotive screens is also more diverse. In addition to TFT LCD, there are AMOLEDs. The choice of AMOLEDs meets more personalized screen designs, such as curved screens, S-type integrated screens for the main driver and co-pilot, rotating screens, and narrow screens. Edge screen etc. These are personalized car screen designs. It not only satisfies people’s pursuit of the practicality of the vehicle display but also satisfies the aesthetic design.

3: Vehicle front and rear mirror screens, which are relatively basic and simple screens, are mainly used to display the front and rear vehicle conditions to ensure driving safety. Currently, we have 9.35 inches and 10.1 inches available.

Vehicle front and rear mirror screens

4: The choice of car rear seat display and sunroof display is free. The main function of these screens is to meet the needs of entertainment. The size can be a medium-sized 14-17 inch screen or a larger 30-50 inch screen.

About Supplier Selection
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