Where Can I Quickly Buy Round TFT LCD Display?

round lcd display

At present, there are not so many commonly used round LCD displays in the TFT LCD market. Some special large round displays and uncommon sizes may be customized by customers. Therefore, it is very important to find a supplier that can not only provide original LCD screens that are in stock in the market but also have the ability to customize them for customers. We recommend RJOYTEK, which is a TFT LCD panel manufacturer established in 2014, they can provide customers with one-stop LCD solutions. These include customization of various products and software technical support.

Here are some of the common round LCD displays as following:

  • 1.96-inch 640*572 TFT LCD round display
  • 2.1-inch 480*480 Circular LCD display
  • 2.5-inch 480*480 hexagonal LCD display, but the view display area is circular
  • 2.8-inch 480*480 round TFT Screen
  • 3.6-inch 544*506 Round E-bike LCD panel
  • 4-inch 720*720 Round LCD display module
  • 5-inch 1080*1080 Round LCD display panel

round lcd display

These round LCD screens can be shipped quickly and accept simple customized orders, such as supporting the development of FPC, TP laminating assembly according to their own motherboard requirements, customized backlight for brightness, visible products that are sunlight readable, and supporting development for high temperature and high pressure, Low temperature and low pressure working environment durable products, the driver board always provides customers with their own requirements. These circular LCD displays are mainly used in the area of automotive instrumentation speedometers, industrial instrumentation, medical display, smart home control display, rotary switch LCD display, robot eyes, smart wearable display and so on.

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