1.69 inch 240*280 TFT LCD Display for Smart Watches

MODEL: RV017YJP-500-18
  • Size: 1.69 inch Smart Watch LCD Screen
  • Resolution: 240(RGB)x280
  • LCD AA: 27.97 (H)* 32.63 (V)
  • Driver IC: ST7789
  • Touch IC: CST816D
  • Interface: SPI
  • Touch structure: G+F
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This is color TFT LCD panel, with 1.69 inch pixel and 240*280 resolution, SPI interface, it is a normal black all viewing direction small size smart watches LCD display.

This 1.69 inch LCD panel with two type, with touchscreen and no touch, usually application for smart watches and indoor or outdoor switch button screen such as control switch of outdoor street lights, the switch display of coffee machine, etc.

Model RV017YJP-500-18
Size 1.69 inch LCD Module
Display Mode Normally Black
Resolution 240(RGB)x280
Pixel pitch 38.85(H)×3×116.55(V)
Pixel Arrangement RGB Vertical Stripe
Viewing direction ALL
Module outline dimension 30.7 (H)*37.43 (V)*2.30(D)
LCD AA 27.97 (H)* 32.63 (V)
TP VA 28.57*33.23
Colors 16.7M
Driver IC ST7789
Interface SPI
Backlight White LED
Touch IC CST816D
Touch structure G+F
Operating Temperature -20℃~ +70℃
Storage Temperature -30℃~ +80℃
Power Supply voltage 1 VCI~GND: -0.3-4.6v
Power Supply voltage 2 IOVCC~GND: -0.3-4.6v
Logic Input Voltage Range VIN: -0.3- IOVCC+0.5v
Logic Output Voltage Range VO: -0.3- IOVCC+0.5v
Luminance 500 cd/㎡



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