TFT LCD Panel 10.2″-24″ LCD Display List

middle size lcd display

Some medium-sized LCD screens are used for automobile display, medical equipment such as heartbeat monitoring machines, oxygen inhalation equipment, bank equipment displays, ITM machines, small advertising screens, PC computer or laptop, etc.

The following are the LCD panel parameters of various sizes. The interfaces and brightness can be customized and touchscreen can be added. If you need any help, please contact us directly.

Size Resolution Interface Luminance Pin connection Storage Temperature
10.25″ 1920*720 LVDS 1000nit 50pin -40℃~95℃
10.4’’ 800*600 TTL 350nit 60pin -20℃~70℃
11.9’’ 1920*1080 EDP 230nit 30pin -20℃~60℃
12.1’’ 1280*800 Lvds 500nit 30pin -30℃~85℃
12.1’’ 1024*768 Lvds 500nit 20pin -30℃~85℃
12.3‘’ 1920*720 LVDS 700nit 50pin -40℃~95℃
13.3″ 3840*2160 EDP 500nit 40pin -20℃~60℃
13.3″ 1920*1080 EDP 300nit 30pin -20℃~60℃
14’’ 3200*1800 EDP 400nit 50pin -20℃~60℃
15’’ 1024*768 Lvds 350nit 20pin -30℃~80℃
15.4’’ 1920*1080 EDP 220nit 30pin -20℃~60℃
15.6’’ 1920*1080 Lvds 500nit 40pin -20℃~60℃
15.6’’ 1366*768 EDP 220nit 30pin -20℃~60℃
18.5’’ 1366*768 Lvds 250nit 30pin -20℃~60℃
19’’ 1280*1024 LVDS 350nit 30pin -20℃~60℃
21.5’’ 1920*1080 Lvds 250nit 30pin -20℃~60℃
22’’ 1920*1920 LVDS 500nit 41PIN/51PIN -20℃~60℃
23.8″ 1920*1080 LVDS 250nit 30pin -20℃~60℃

middle size lcd display


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Introduction to LCD Display Panels: Understanding TFT Color LCD Screen Panels and IPS Displays

Liquid crystal display (LCD) screens have been around for decades, and they have revolutionized the way we view and interact with visual content. LCD screens are widely used in various devices like televisions, computer monitors, smartphones, and tablets. They come in different sizes and resolutions to meet the needs of different applications. In this article, we will focus on LCD display panels, particularly TFT color LCD panels, and IPS displays.

TFT Color LCD Screen Panel

TFT (thin-film transistor) is a type of technology used to improve the image quality and response time of LCD screens. TFT color LCD panels use a layer of transistors to control the amount of light that passes through each pixel. Each pixel consists of three sub-pixels, which are typically colored red, green, and blue (RGB). By varying the amount of light passing through each sub-pixel, the TFT panel can display millions of colors.

TFT color LCD panels are commonly used in devices that require high-quality displays, such as smartphones, tablets, and high-end computer monitors. They offer excellent color reproduction, high contrast ratios, and fast response times. TFT panels are also energy-efficient and lightweight, making them ideal for portable devices.

IPS Display

IPS (in-plane switching) is another type of LCD technology used to improve the viewing angles and color accuracy of LCD screens. IPS displays use a different arrangement of liquid crystal molecules to reduce the color shift that occurs when viewing the screen from different angles. This results in better color accuracy and consistent brightness across the screen.

IPS displays are commonly used in devices that require wider viewing angles, such as large computer monitors and televisions. They offer excellent color accuracy, wider viewing angles, and better color consistency compared to other LCD technologies. IPS displays are also energy-efficient and have low response times, making them suitable for gaming and other fast-paced applications.

LCD Display Panel Sizes

LCD display panels come in various sizes, ranging from small screens used in handheld devices to large screens used in televisions and digital signage. Some common LCD panel sizes include:

10.2-inch LCD display panel: This is a popular size for portable devices such as tablets and handheld gaming consoles.

15.6-inch LCD display panel: This size is commonly used in laptops and all-in-one desktop computers.

24-inch LCD display panel: This size is popular for computer monitors and can provide a large viewing area for work and entertainment.


LCD display panels have become an essential part of our daily lives, and understanding the different types of LCD technologies and screen sizes can help us choose the right device for our needs. TFT color LCD panels and IPS displays are two of the most popular types of LCD technologies, offering excellent color accuracy, fast response times, and wide viewing angles. From small handheld devices to large computer monitors and televisions, there is an LCD display panel size and technology to suit every application.