Automotive TFT LCD Display

automotive tft lcd display

automotive tft lcd displayCars are now people’s daylife closest partners. With the development of technology, ordinary companies can easily produce their own cars. However, in the production of automobiles, there is one part is very necessary, and that is the display, and today’s display, adding more intelligent elements, the requirements of display manufacturers are getting higher and higher. Among the many displays, TFT LCD displays are still the most mainstream automotive displays.

Drivers today are not only using their vehicles to get from Point A to Point B anymore. That’s why modern cars now have high-end capabilities that enhance the daily life interesting of car owners, such as on-road entertainment, listening music, watch movie, appointment scheduling, and other connected services. A TFT LCD module is a great choose for smart LCD displays that accomplish these activities.

Automotive LCD display applications are home to advanced functions. Therefore, car LCD display panel manufacturers must meet the stringent requirements for durability and ideal temperature in automotive applications.


These automotive TFT LCD displays are not only applications for car headup display. But others like speedometers, satellite navigation, tachometers, backup cameras, gauge clusters, radio controls and dash controls are also need a suitable screen.

The following are some of our common automotive TFT LCD displays, of course, these specifications can be changed according to your needs to fully meet your requirements, if you just need a sample, these stock products can be quickly shipped to you, any in need of help is welcome to contact us at any time.

Size Resolution Interface Luminance Pin  connection Active area Storage Temperature
3.5″ 240*320 RGB 600NIT 50pin 53.28*71.04 -40℃~90℃
3.6″ 544*506 RGB 800nit 40pin 89.76*80.79 -30℃~85℃
4″ 720*720 LVDS 800nit 39pin 101.52*101.52 -30℃~85℃
8.4″ 1024*768 LVDS 1200nit 20pin 170.4*127.8 -40℃~90℃
9.35″ 320*1280 MIPI 800nit 40pin 232.32(W) ×58.08(L) -30℃~80℃
10.1″ 440*1920 MIPI 480nit 40pin 252.86(W) ×57.95(L) -30℃~80℃
12.3″ 1920*720 LVDS 700nit 50pin 292.032*109.512 -40℃~95℃


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