3.2 inch TFT LCD 240*320 IPS LCD Display Module

MODEL: RV032QVM-300-50

3.2 inch TFT display panel

  • Resolution: 240*3(RGB)* 320
  • Active area: 48.60(W) * 64.80(H) mm
  • Interface: MCU 16 Mode
  • Pin connection: 50 pin
  • Luminance: 300 cd/m²

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The 3.2 inch is IPS lcd display module with 240*320 resolution, we can custom touchscreen according to customer requirements. Provide different functional lcd controller boards and HDMI boards.
Its wide application for medical devices, handheld equipment, POS machine, and need a small size of 3.2 inch lcd display.


Model RV032QVM-300-50
LCD size 3.2 inch tft lcd screen module
Driver element a-Si TFT active matrix
Resolution 240*3(RGB)* 320
Display mode Normally Black
Dot pitch 0.1461(W) * 0.1461(H) mm
Active area 48.60(W) * 64.80(H) mm
Module size 55.04(W) * 77.70(H) * 2.35(D) mm
Surface treatment Anti-Glare
Color arrangement RGB Vertical Stripe
Interface MCU 16 Mode
View direction IPS
Pin connect 50 pin
Luminance 300 cd/m²
operating temperature -20-70 ℃
storage temperature -30-80 ℃


Why choose this 3.2 inch TFT LCD Display?

Impressive Visuals:

The 3.2-inch TFT LCD 240×320 IPS display module boasts a resolution of 240×320 pixels, providing sharp and vibrant visuals for its size. The In-Plane Switching (IPS) technology ensures excellent color reproduction, wide viewing angles, and enhanced image quality. Whether you are designing a portable gaming console, a medical device, or an industrial control panel, the vivid and clear visuals offered by this display module will significantly enhance the user experience.

Compact and Easy-to-Integrate:

Measuring just 3.2 inches diagonally, this display module is compact yet provides ample screen real estate for displaying information and graphics. Its small form factor makes it an ideal choice for applications where space is limited. Additionally, the module is designed with ease of integration in mind. It typically utilizes a standard parallel interface or a serial interface (SPI or I2C) for communication with the host microcontroller, allowing for seamless integration into various projects and reducing development time.

Touchscreen Capability:

Many versions of the 3.2-inch TFT LCD 240×320 IPS display module come with touchscreen functionality, adding another layer of interactivity to your project. The touchscreen enables users to navigate through menus, input data, and interact directly with the displayed content, enhancing the overall user experience. The module often supports capacitive or resistive touch technology, giving developers the flexibility to choose the best option for their specific application requirements.

Wide Range of Applications:

3.2 inch application

Portable Devices: The compact size of a 3.2 inch TFT LCD makes it suitable for use in portable devices such as handheld gaming consoles, portable media players, digital cameras, and GPS devices. These displays provide a clear and vibrant interface for users to interact with the device.

Smart Home Control Panels: TFT LCD displays are often used in smart home control panels or touchscreens. With their small form factor and decent resolution, they can be used to control and monitor various smart home devices, including lighting systems, thermostats, security cameras, and more.

Industrial Control Systems: The durability and reliability of TFT LCD displays make them suitable for use in industrial control systems. They can be used as operator interfaces for machinery and equipment, displaying real-time data, control panels, and visualizing process information.

IoT Devices: TFT LCD displays are commonly used in Internet of Things (IoT) devices where a visual interface is required. These devices can include smart appliances, wearable devices, home automation systems, and other IoT-enabled products.

Education and Training: TFT LCD displays are used in educational devices such as handheld educational toys, electronic dictionaries, and language learning devices. The compact size and decent resolution of a 3.2 inch display make it suitable for these applications.

Medical Devices: TFT LCD displays find applications in medical devices such as portable medical monitors, patient monitoring systems, and medical diagnostic equipment. These displays can provide real-time data visualization, patient information display, and control interfaces for medical professionals.

Embedded Systems: TFT LCD displays are often integrated into embedded systems for various applications, such as data loggers, measurement devices, and control panels. They can provide a user-friendly interface for controlling and monitoring the embedded system.



1: Can I buy other lcd accessories here?

A: Yes, we can provide customers with lcd matching accessories such as control boards, digital cables, interface adapter boards, etc.

2: I don’t see the size I need online, can I custom it?

A: Yes, We have many products, some of which have no information on the website, but we still could provide them. In addition, we provide LCD customization, including size, interface, backlight, brightness, FPC, touch, etc. We also accept all-in-one lcd monitors Customized, please write us an email to tell us your needs, our sales representative will contact you on the working day after receiving the email

3: If I purchased products, how do I track them?

A: We will provide the express tracking number immediately after the product is sent out, they are usually sent by DHL, FEDEX, UPS and others for your requirements.
The payment methods we can accept are bank transfer, TT, Paypal, or we have a famous Alibaba shop, you can pay through the Alibaba shop, all our information and certificates are verified, and you can find any news about us on google.

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