TFT Color Display 6.8 inch 480*1280 LCD Panel for Microwave Oven

  • Size: 6.8 inch TFT Color LCD Display
  • Resolution: 480*1280
  • Interface: MIPI
  • IC Driver: ICN9707
  • Storage Temperature: -30 to +80 ℃
  • Keyword: TFT LCD Panel, 6.8 inch Color Display Panel
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This is a color TFT LCD stretched bar display, 6.8 inch size with 1280*480 resolution, mainly used in home kitchen appliances control panel, such as ovens, microwave ovens, air fryers, etc.

If you need samples, you can tell us:
1: The quantity of samples, we have a large number of samples in stock for fast shipment;
2: Do you need an HDMI board? Usually we will provide it, unless you don’t need it;
3: Your address, we may need to calculate the shipping cost and the time of express arrival for you;
4: The conventional interface is MIPI, if you need others, please specify;
5: Do you need a samples with touch or no touch.

If you need to customize a special product, tell us your requirements as details, our professional sales will get into deep discussions with you and keep your project absolutely confidential.

Model RV068Y0M-TBD-40
Size 6.8 inch TFT Color LCD Display Panel
Display Format 480(R,G,B)*1280
Input Data MIPI
View Angle ALL O”clock
IC Driver ICN9707
Display Colors 16.7M
Module Size 65.75(W)×176.53(L)×4.15(T)
Active Area 60.192(W) ×160.512(L)
Pixel Size 0.047*0.141
Operating Temperature -20 to +70 ℃
Storage Temperature -30 to +80 ℃


6.8 inch color lcd panel

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  • This LCD display panel with high-freedom for design. it is the MIPI interface definition now, but changing the interface is a easy thing, RGB, LVDS, or MCU interface acceptable, we are willing to providing you with a one-stop LCD solution.
  • You can make a simple oven or microwave display, which only shows sme simple parameters and colors; you can also design a more intelligent control display, which not only shows you various digital parameters, but also according to the food for a more realistic option, and all control definitions on the display panel with touch control, because adding touch functionality to the screen is very easy thing for a professional LCD manufacturer.
  • This TFT LCD panel has been safety tested, its operating temperature can reach low temperature -20 degrees to high temperature 70 degrees, storage temperature -30-80 degrees, these temperature ranges you can use with any kitchen feasible appliance.


This is the 6.8 inch TFT LCD display module video, please check freely.