RJOYTEK 4.3 inch 480*272 TFT LCD Module



* SPI/RGB interface

* RoHS Compliant



* Industry application

* 3D printer application

* Office automatic

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GV043WQB-N10-8HP0 is a 480×272 pixel dots 4.3-inch color TFT lcd module display, if you need VGA video, AV signal driver board USB control board or HDMI board, please tell us, they will provide it according to your requirements.
The capacitive touch panel is optional, touch or without touch all acceptable, it depends on your applicational products. It can be used in embedded systems, 3D printers, industrial devices, security and hand-held equipment which requires a display of high-quality and colorful video.


Model GV043WQB-N10-8HP0
Size 4.3 Inch
Active area 95.04 (H) × 53.856(V)
Number of pixels 480 (H) × 272(V)
Pixel pitch 0.198 (H) × 0.198 (V)
Pixel arrangement RGB Vertical stripe
Display colors 16.7M
Display mode ADS Normal Black
Dimensional outline 100.16 (H) × 61.856(V) × 1.256(D) typ
Surface treatment HC
Operating Temperature -30-85 ℃
Storage Temperature -30-85 ℃


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Model Size Resolution Interface Luminance Pin  connection Active area Storage temperature
RV043WVM-330-40 4.3″ 800*480 RGB/SPI 330nit 40pin 95.04(H)*53.856(V) -30℃~85℃
RV043FHM-K10-60 4.3″ 1920*1080 LVDS 1000nit 60pin 100.8*56.7 -30℃~80℃
RV043WVM-400-50 4.3″ 480*800 RGB 400nit 50pin 56.16(W)*93.6(L) -30℃~70℃


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