TCL New Product! Binocular Color All-in-one VR Headset-TCL V1

TCL announced its new product at the 2022 World VR Industry and Metaverse Expo, the first new all-in-one VR Headset, with its 1512PPI and support for 0-700° diopter adjustment, it has attracted high popularity.

In the past, we may rely more on TV, mobile phones, and computers, but in the future, we may rely more on AR/VR. We can realize shopping, life, work, and games through virtual space, and it may become the tool we rely on most in the future.

According to the data of the Gyro Research Institute, in the first half of 2022, the total scale of global VR/AR industry financing and mergers and acquisitions reached 31.26 billion RMB, a year-on-year increase of 37% from the first half of 2021. The VR/AR industry is growing rapidly and is gaining momentum.

1512PPI, Super Large 108°FOV Viewing Angle

According to the TCL conference information, the front material of the TCL V1 body is different from many products with plastic. It is made of black glossy PVC material, with rounded curved and a simple design style, which looks more high-quality in product texture and sense of technology.

In terms of optics, TCL V1 adopts the mainstream Pancake optical solution. It is reported that TCL V1 adopts 3-piece high-refractive index Pancake lens, with a convex-convex structure design, combined with a reasonable focal length distribution of optical design, to effectively converge the light angle and make the lens aperture smaller, thus achieving a 108-degree FOV super-large viewing angle .

In terms of visual experience, TCL V1 adopts the Fast LCD display independently developed and produced by CSOT. The resolution is 2280*2280, almost nearly 5K, It is the LCD display with the highest PPI at this stage, with a refresh rate of 90Hz, an NTSC color gamut of 70%, and a response time as low as 4.5ms.

According to TCL, PPI is an important indicator for determining the clarity of VR images. The higher the PPI, the higher the image quality, and it can effectively increase the screen clear . At present, the PPI of mainstream VR devices is generally around 800-1200, while TCL V1 has reached 1512PPI, with a resolution of nearly 5k, which brings an excellent guarantee to the user experience.

In addition, this product supports manual lens focusing, which can achieve 0-700° diopter adjustment, and can adapt to the wearing needs of more different user groups.

Otherwise, some other system functions of this product include One-click projection VR on the same screen. Supporting TVs, tablets, computers and other devices connected to the same Wifi, etc. are very excellent functions.

Regarding the strategic direction, TCL stated that the first VR all-in-one Headset will focus more on the B-end market.

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