RJOYTEK Small Bar LCD 4.58 inch 320*960 TFT Bar LCD Display Module


Size: 4.58 inch lcd display
Resolution: 320*960
Interface: SPI+RGB


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This stretched bar LCD display is 4.58-inch or 4.6 inches, with 320*960 resolution, usual application in an oven, microwave donkey or refrigerator, as a screen for color food display, or at the touch of a button control panel. It is a SPI+RGB interface transmissive TFT display panel.

Flexible configuration of control boards or adapter boards with various interfaces, a variety of touch options, RTP, CTP, single-touch or multi-touch, surface treatment hardness and protective glass can also be customized according to your requirements. If you have any questions, please discuss it with us in time.

Model YX45010A
Size 4.58 inch bar lcd display
Number of Dots 320(RGB) *960
Outline dimensions 40.37(W)* 117.9(H)*2.08(T)
Active area 36.77(W)* 110.3(H)
Viewing direction ALL
Backlight type White LED
LCD Driver IC ST7701S
Interface type 3SPI+RGB18BIT interface



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