How to Know The Quality Of Your LCD Display Panel?

When we buy an LCD display or a product with an LCD screen, we want to know the quality of the screen. In addition, to check the parameter of products, and check the factory certification and product standard certification, how can we know the quality of the product by observing the product?
We could verify the quality of the LCD panel by checking some details, including appearance, contrast, brightness, display color, signal response time, viewing angle, screen refresh rate, etc.

1: First of all, we get a TFT display panel, the easiest and most intuitive way is that we can check the quality by looking at the appearance. A product with excellent quality is also very good in appearance. There are no scratches on the screen and the material of the outer frame, is smooth and shiny, the appearance color is uniform, the FPC welding is firm, and there is no unevenness in the FPC welding point. These FPC weldings are all carried out on the machine, and there is generally no problem. But we are checking the inspection mechanism of the factory. The workers must carefully in the inspection of products and picking out defective products, a good LCD manufacturer will not let defective products send into the hands of customers. The probability of this situation is very low.


2: Contrast, we could see the contrast of the lcd panel through the video. When testing the product, there are usually pictures of RGB colors for us to check. We have to check the color purity of red, green, and blue by color, of course For ordinary people, this is not easy. Good product color performance is very good, contrasting.

We also need to check whether the LCD screen has white or black spots through the white and black pictures. These flash points with impure colors have certain control standards. If there are too many white or black spots on the screen, then you should consider the LCD screen panel you get with quality problems. The better the LCD screen panel, the fewer anomalies of black or white spots, so you have to look carefully to check your TFT LCD panel. (If you need to check some video, please check our YouTube: LCD SOLUTION RJY)

3: Viewing angle
The viewing angle is divided into two aspects: horizontal angle and vertical angle. You could open a video you like and observe it from different angles. If the specification says that this is an IPS display, then the angle at which it can clearly see the image is relatively wide. If you find that it is blurry when looking at it from the side, then your screen may not be a very strict IPS. The screen with viewing angle; whether it is reversed left or right or vertically, it should be centered on the parallel axis of the LCD screen, move up and down, left and right, if you could clearly see the image similar with the angle range write in the specification, then your LCD display is a good one.

4: Signal Response Time
Signal response time refers to how quickly the LCD responds to an input signal, usually in milliseconds (ms). When you test, you should pay special attention to the speed of image switching and the corresponding time of the screen. If the response time exceeds 40ms, there will be a hysteresis of the moving image, which will cause afterimage or trailing traces on the screen. Of course, unless The image is moving very slowly, otherwise you might not notice it easily.

The above are all methods by which we can simply check the quality of the LCD display panel. If you need some more professional help, you may need to use professional tools with the assistance of professional people. RJOYTEK is a professional LCD solution company. Here, not only you could buy original products from well-known companies, such as BOE, LG, etc., but you can also customize products, whether it is software support or simple product modification, you will get professional support, any ideas, welcome to contact us.

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