Don’t Ask LCD and LED Screen Which One is Better? Because They Are Totally Different At All!

LCD and LED are two completely different concepts. LCD is a liquid crystal screen, which is used for display, and LED is a Light emitting diode, which is used for lighting, LCD is a display technology, LED is a light-emitting technology. The so-called LED TV is relative to the CCFL TV, which refers to the backlight of the liquid crystal. The liquid crystal itself does not emit light, and requires another light source to light up; the traditional liquid crystal uses CCFL as the backlight source, that is, compact energy-saving lamps; now LED can be used as the backlight source, so there is an LED TV. The LED screen we are talking about is a completely different screen from the LCD screen. OLED is similar to LCD. OLED is an organic light-emitting diode, which can be used for display. When OLED is used, there is no need for a backlight. It emits light and displays color by itself, which can replace LCD. Currently, OLED is mainly used for a mobile phone screens.

Here you can go to check “What is LCD” to learn more, and here to know more about “The Difference Between LCD and OLED“, The production process of LCD is also very complicated and the requirements for an LCD manufacturer are very high. As we all know LCD manufacturers such as BOE, Samsung, Innolux, AUO, etc. They are all very strong industrial chains, and strict production line, if you want to understand the LCD production process, this simple article (TFT LCD Manufacturing Principle And Process Introduction)can help you understand.

The difference between LCD screen and LED screen

1: Brightness, the response speed of a single element of the LED display is higher than LCD, and its brightness is more advantageous than the LCD in a high-brightness field, and adapt to Very low temperature because many of it used in ourdoor advertising, which can reach minus 40 degrees. LCD must have special requirements to make LCD screens that adapt to very high or low temperatures, such as automotive LCD displays, here you can learn why automotive displays need to withstand high and low temperatures.

2: Application, LED is mainly used for some ordinary displays, outdoor advertising, banners, stages, or some application scenarios that require bright colors. LCDs are ubiquitous in our lives, such as TVs, computers, laptops, 3D printers, coffee machines, home center controllers, etc. Machine applications that require multiple shapes or more refined colors, of course, outdoor and indoor advertising screens also use LCD It can be said that LCD is the best choice for industry, home, office and so on.

3: Viewing angle, LCD display have angle restrictions, such as IPS and TN, as long as the TN display is slightly deviated from the angle, the original color cannot be seen, and even the image becomes blurred; while LED can provide a 160° angle, this is because the LED is the direct light of the lamp tube, and it is easier to see regardless of the angle, while the LCD requires the LED to be illuminated as a backlight.

4: Refresh rate, LED converts electrical energy into light energy, the refresh rate is higher, and then it is better in video screen processing, but because LED is composed of lamp beads, LED is more used for simple image display, resolution not as high as LCD.

5: Sharpness, the clarity of the display is determined by the resolution, and the resolution is determined by the density of the lamp beads in LED screen. The smaller the lamp beads in the same area, the higher the resolution. the clearer the image. Therefore, some LED displays with large spacing are not as clear as those with small spacing, but even the smallest spacing LED display, its clarity still cannot reach the height of the LCD screen, especially when viewed at close range, there will be mosaic phenomenon, so It is not suitable for viewing from too close distance. If you want to achieve better clarity, you can only choose products with small spacing.
However, the LCD can be viewed at close range or at a long distance. The resolution of the LCD screen can reach higher, 4K or higher, which can show the details of the image well.


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