Things To Know Before Buying TFT LCD Panel

    Are you agonizing about cannot find a good LCD supplier?

    Are you distraught because you do not know how to check the quality of the LCD products?

    Are you wondering why the supplier keeps asking you what products your LCD uses when communicating with you?

    Today, I will explain the problem systematically to our buyers, why it is easy to encounter so many difficulties when buying LCD.

    1: Why is it so Important to Asking the Application of the Product?

    Maybe many people have been asked this question when buying LCD products, what end product do you use to buy this product? You might wonder why the supplier asks this, is it trying to plagiarize your idea, it definitely NOT. The same appearance of lcd panel can be made into a variety of different standards, these standards will change the corresponding value according to your end users. But you can hardly know the difference between appearance.

    For example, we have a 4 inch round LCD screen, they are all 480*480, but it has different configurations, if you use it on the dashboard of a car, we will use more sturdy materials for the durability of the lcd panel, It must be able to accept higher and lower temperature ranges, (Why Should The Automotive LCD Display Be Resistant To High And Low Temperatures?) but if you use it in a common smart home control product, the temperature will not be so high, the material selection will be different, and the price will be different, but if you want to use it on outdoor products or motorcycle, this LCD display must be waterproofed in addition to temperature durability treatment, so the surface treatment of the glass is also different. Therefore, if you look at the same product, in fact, the application is different, the product is actually different, and the price is also different.

    Let’s take a look at some details before buying an LCD display.

    Touch: single touch or multi-touch, finger touch or material touch, whether to consider the sensitivity of rain touch, which is generally needed for outdoor products.

    Brightness: what are your brightness requirements, whether there are specific parameters, if not, you can tell the supplier of the application product, maybe he will give you advice, the indoor brightness is generally 250-650nit, if you need to use it outdoors, the brightness configuration will be higher. Some need 1000nit, and some need 3000nit.

    Contrast: the contrast requirements of different products are completely different. If you need medical products such as heartbeat monitors or ventilators, the contrast requirements of such products are different from those of ordinary medical displays.

    Color performance: most of the common colors are 16.7M, but if you need a special one, you should tell your supplier the specific parameters before buying.

    Ambient temperature requirements: as mentioned above, whether you need high and low-temperature resistance or normal temperature, you need to tell the supplier in advance, otherwise, the wrong product may burn out when your engineer does the test, you think it is poor quality, in fact, you did not buy the right product, it has nothing to do with the quality.

    Humidity requirements: waterproof grades, and surface treatment techniques need to be discussed.

    For input voltage power supply, you should check the product specification carefully. If it is not the voltage power supply parameters you need, you need a engineering support from the supplier.

    Interface: what interface do you need, if there is no product with this interface. You need vendor engineering support to configure the appropriate interface for you.

    Some other special requirements, no matter what your requirements are, be sure to discuss with your supplier in advance, do not buy a wrong product, it may waste your money and time.

    2: Checking the Quality of LCD Manufacturers

    When we are looking for lcd manufacturer online, if you are just an individual buyer and the product you are buying is just to replacement for your broken TV screen or computer screen, you can choose to buy it on Amazon, Amazon’s support for individual buyers is excellent. If you are a merchant who can buy in small batches, you have a store, and you also replace the lcd panel for your customer’s broken screen, Alibaba is currently your best choice, because Alibaba supports a lot of buyers to buy Bulk products or small MOQ products, they are also very favorable in price, and the service can give each buyer enough support.

    If you are a large bulk buyer, I think you will be familiar with various procurement platforms such as Alibaba, Made in China, and Global Search. You can even search for suppliers on Google. When you find a supplier, how do you check its quality? First of all, a real factory will convey its factory information to you, including pictures, videos, certificates, and some introductions, and you could verify the suppliers’ capacity from the introductions. There are some certificates such as IOS9001, ISO14001, and other certificates that only real factories can pass it, and the certificates can tell you whether you are communicating with a real supplier.

    For example, RJOYTEK has a lot of certificates to show you, not only ISO9001, ISO14001, but also ISO45001, Patent certificate and software copyright. You can know in the most authoritative way that this is a real factory and can provide software support. Otherwise, we also have REACH, CE and ROHS certificates.

    If you need to know more about how to find a manufacturer, you could check on this title: How Many Benefits You Will Get When Cooperation With Chinese LCD Manufacturers?

    RJOYTEK certification


    3: LCD Products Inspection Method

    First of all, if you don’t get the sample, you can check the standard parameter of the TFT LCD on the datasheet. If you don’t like to see the boring numerical description, you can check the clear picture and video to simply verify the appearance of the product. Generally speaking, the appearance of good product quality is guaranteed.

    Secondly, it is to check the product color and contrast of the product through the video. Here is detailed advice on how to quickly check the quality of the TFT LCD Panel, which can help a lot if you look carefully.(How To Know The Quality Of Your LCD Display Panel?)

    If you have already got the sample, you could connect the power-up and conduct relevant professional tests, which is the best way to know the quality of the product.

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