How to Understand The GG GF GFF Technology

Does anyone often hear suppliers asking, do you need G+G, G+F or G+FF, but we may not know exactly what we want, or we don’t know the difference between them at all? Let’s briefly introduce them now.

First of all, we want to take a brief look at the literal meaning. We know that the LCD screen comprises three parts: cover glass (CG), TP, and screen. The technology of GG, GF, GFF, is carried out at the TP layer.




GG technology, which is a cover glass+ sensor, a layer of IoT glass. This technology has high precision and good light transmission and can support multi-touch. This technology is thicker in thickness, vulnerable to impact and damage, and it is not recommended to make special shapes.

GF technology is Cover glass+Sensor film. This structure uses a single-layer FILM SENSOR and supports gestures, but does not support multi-touch.
The GF technology cost is relatively low; the light transmission is good, and the sensor is thinner than GG, but the anti-interference ability is not good, and it is mainly single-point and does not support multi-touch.

GFF technology, this structure uses two layers of Film Sensor, and supports multi-touch.
This kind of technology has high precision, good handwriting effect, and can make special shapes, strong anti-interference ability, low mold opening cost, short time for production, and many advantages, but its light transmittance is relatively poor, not as high as GG.

These technologies are related to the in-cell on-cell and OGS we wrote about earlier. If you want to know more about in-cell on-cell and OGS, please click: Introduction Of In-Cell On-Cell And OGS Technology

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