The Difference Between the Various LCD interfaces: MIPI, LVDS, MCU, RGB, SPI

MIPI (Mobile Industry Processor Interface), LVDS (Low-Voltage Differential Signaling), SPI (Serial Peripheral Interface), MCU (Microcontroller Unit), and RGB (Red-Green-Blue) are all interfaces used in LCD displays. Each of these interfaces serves a different purpose and has its own strengths and weaknesses.

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What is MIPI Interface?

MIPI: MIPI (Mobile Industry Processor Interface) is a serial communication interface used in mobile devices, including LCD displays. MIPI is designed to reduce power consumption and increase bandwidth, making it a popular choice for high-resolution displays. MIPI supports multiple data lanes, allowing it to transmit large amounts of data quickly. MIPI also supports features such as display command set (DCS) and display data channel (DDC), which allows for easy communication between the display and the controller.

What is LVDS Interface?

LVDS: LVDS (Low-Voltage Differential Signaling) is a high-speed, low-power interface used for LCD displays. LVDS is known for its low electromagnetic emissions, making it ideal for use in sensitive applications such as medical equipment or aerospace. LVDS typically uses differential signaling, which helps reduce noise and improve signal integrity. It is commonly used in industrial and medical applications where high reliability and noise immunity are important.

Definition of SPI Interface

SPI: SPI (Serial Peripheral Interface) is a synchronous serial communication interface used to transfer data between microcontrollers and peripheral devices, including LCD displays. SPI is known for its simplicity and versatility, making it a popular choice for low-speed applications that don’t require high bandwidth or complex protocols. It is commonly used in small displays and other low-power applications.

Talk About MUC Interface

MCU: MCU (Microcontroller Unit) is a small computer on a single integrated circuit that contains a processor core, memory, and input/output peripherals. MCUs are often used to control LCD displays, and they typically use one of the other interfaces (such as SPI or MIPI) to communicate with the display.

The RGB Interface

RGB: RGB (Red Green Blue) is a color model used to create images on LCD displays. RGB interfaces typically use separate data lines for each color (red, green, and blue), allowing for precise control over the color and brightness of each pixel on the display. MCU is a microcontroller unit that contains a processor, memory, and other peripheral components. It is used to control the display and perform other tasks in the system.

In summary, MIPI and LVDS are high-speed, low-power interfaces commonly used in LCD displays, while SPI is a simple, versatile interface often used in low-speed applications. MCU is a small computer used to control the display, and RGB is a color model used to create images on the display.

The different lcd display interface depends on different products applications, including small TFT displays, SPI LCD display modules, TFT color LCD modules, custom TFT LCDs (HDMI interface or others), and LCD display panel modules with single color. Each of these types has its own unique characteristics. For example, small TFT displays are often used in handheld devices and wearables, while SPI LCD display modules are ideal for applications that require low power consumption and simple interfaces. TFT color LCD modules are commonly used in industrial and medical applications where color accuracy is critical, while custom TFT LCDs are designed to meet specific requirements for size, resolution, and other parameters.


The following are several typical representative products, in fact our customized product line includes 1.3 inch-24 inch TFT LCD display panel:

  • 1.3 inch 240*240 Small TFT Display Module
  • 1.52 inch 240*280 TFT Color LCD Screen
  • 3.5 inch 320*480 TN/IPS LCD Screen Panel
  • 1.69 inch 240*280 LCD IPS Module
  • 2 inch 320*240 LCD Module Panel
  • 2.6 inch 320*240 LCD Module Screen
  • 2.1 inch 480*480 Round TFT Screen
  • 2.2 inch 480*800 TFT Panel LCD Display
  • 3.2 inch 480*320 TFT Color LCD Module
  • 2.3 inch 480*360 LCD Module TFT
  • 2.4 inch 480*640 TFT LCD Display Panel
  • 2.8 inch 480*480 Round Display LCD
  • 6.7 inch 1024*600 LCD TFT Display
  • 8.4 inch 1024*768 LCD Screen Display
  • 10.1 inch 1280*800 TFT LCD Screen
EDP LCD Display Panel
  • 11.9 inch 1920*1080 TFT LCD Display
  • 13.3 inch 3840*2160 4K LCD Screen
  • 14 inch 1920*1200 Laptop LCD Panel

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