What is an LCD module?

    Liquid crystal module refers to the liquid crystal panel or we also call it LCM, LCD Module, including polarizers, color filters, liquid crystal glass (glass sandwich liquid crystal), TFT control parts, in simple terms, it is the LCD screen + backlight assembly. Nowadays, LCD display we also could know as LCD module.

    What is the Difference Between LCD and LCM?

    LCD=Liquid Crystal Display;

    LCM=LCD Panel + ACF + Driver IC+PCB+FPC+B/L Module +iron frame.

    LCD is only a part of the LCM, and LCM is the entire operating system including LCD. LCD module is a complete display assembly that can be designed according to user needs by assembling liquid crystal display devices, connectors, integrated circuits, control drive circuits, PCB circuit boards, backlight sources, and structural components.

    The principle of LCD display is that the backlight component emits uniform surface light, and the light is transmitted to our eyes through the LCD screen. The function of the screen is to process the light by pixel to display a specific image.

    LCD Module Type

    LCD modules can be divided into COB (Chip On Board) and COG (chip on glass).

    Main Parameters of LCD Module

    Contrast: Contrast is a relatively important parameter. The general contrast may be 350:1, but we will consider its contrast when selecting different products. For example, many people pursue a better inmage experience, so they may choose high contrast products, such as 1000:1 or products in some special industries require a relatively high contrast ratio, such as 1200:1.

    Brightness: More and more people are pursuing personalized brightness customized, and different products require different brightness in different application field. For example, products that need to be readable in sunlight require relatively high brightness, and the surface will also be treated with anti-glare. Some high-brightness LCD display such as 4700nit 4 inch TFT LCD display, 2800nit 5 inch TFT LCD panel , and so on. And many suppliers support personalized customization of brightness, such as Rjoytek. You can customize any brightness LCD display here according to your requirement.

    Signal Response Time: LCD display signal response time is also a factor that is considered by people. The signal response time refers to the response speed of the liquid crystal display to the input signal, usually in milliseconds (ms). Different products have requirements for signal response time. In general, the shorter the response time, the better of the LCD module. The faster the response time, the better the quality of each LCD accessory and the higher performance of the LCD products.

    Viewing Angle: Most of the LCD displays are IPS now, but some are TN products.


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