RJOYTEK 7 inch LCD Video Brochure Advertising Video Card Factory

MODEL: R070M-01
  • Name: 7 inch LCD Video Brochure
  • Display size: 7 inches 16:9
  • Resolution: 1024*600
  • Playback format: MPG1, MPG2, MP4 (AVI), JGP
  • Audio output: 300MW
  • Power consumption: 5W
  • TYP-C wire: standard TYP-C interface wire
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Matters needing attention

1. Please do not attempt to disassemble or repair by yourself. If there is a fault, please notify our company immediately;

2. Please do not place the machine in a bad environment such as humidity, dirt, direct sunlight, etc.;

3. Please do not use thinner or other chemical cleaners to wipe the machine;

4. Please keep the machine away from places that are too hot or too cold;

5. This machine only uses the random supporting TYP-C interface to charge or change the video;

6. There may be a few bright spots or dark spots on the LCD screen. This is a common phenomenon of active matrix display technology and does not mean that the machine is defective or malfunctioning.

Name 7 inch LCD Video Brochure
Model R070M-01
Display size 7 inches 16:9
Resolution 1024*600
Playback format MPG1, MPG2, MP4 (AVI), JGP
Audio output 300MW
Power consumption 5W
TYP-C wire standard TYP-C interface wire

Function introduction

1. Automatically play MPG1, MPG2, MP4 (AVI), JGP and other formats;

2. Magnetic control switch, open the video or picture automatically, and close the cover automatically.

3. 7-inch 16:9 high-definition true color LCD screen;

4. Built-in stereo speakers;

5. Pause and sound and video up and down switching functions;

The interface

There is a TYP-C interface on the front of the machine, which is used to charge the battery and copy videos or pictures


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