14 inch LCD Screen 1920*1200 TFT Display for Laptop

MODEL: MB140DS01-2

(1) 2 lane eDP interface with 2.7 Gbps link rates
(2) 16.7M (6bits+Hi-FRC) color depth, color gamut 45%
(3) Green product (lead,Hg,As,Halogen, Sulfide,and BFR/CFR/PVC Free)
(4) On board LED driving circuit
(5) LED Dimming Mode DC

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In the realm of laptops, the display is a critical component that greatly influences the user experience. A high-quality LCD display can enhance productivity, enrich multimedia content, and provide an immersive visual experience. The 14-inch LCD scree with 1920×1200 resolution, and EDP interface LCD display panel is a remarkable solution that brings together superior resolution and a user-friendly form factor, making it an excellent choice for modern laptops.


Model MB140DS01-2
Size 14 inch TFT LCD Module
Active area 301.594(H) × 188.496(V) (mm)
Number of pixels 1920(H) × 1200(V)
Pixel pitch 0.1571(H) × 0.1571(V) (mm)
Pixel arrangement RGB Vertical stripe
Display colors 16.7M (6bits+Hi-FRC)
Color gamut NTSC 45% Typ
Luminance of White 345 cd/m2 max
Display mode Normally Black
Outline Dimension 306.59±0.3(H)*197.5±0.3(V)*3Max (Without PCBA&FPC)

306.59±0.3(H)*198.9Max(V)*5.1Max (With PCBA&FPC)

Surface treatment Anti-Glare 25%
Surface hardness 3H
Operating Temperature 0-50 °C
Storage Temperature -20-60 °C


Optimized Form Factor for Portability:

The 14-inch form factor strikes an excellent balance between screen real estate and portability, making it an optimal choice for laptops. This size allows for a comfortable viewing experience without compromising the device’s overall portability. The display’s slim bezels maximize the screen-to-body ratio, providing a more immersive visual experience while minimizing the laptop’s physical footprint. This makes the display panel suitable for both productivity-focused tasks and entertainment on the go.

EDP Interface for Seamless Connectivity:

The 14-inch LCD display panel utilizes an Embedded DisplayPort (EDP) interface, ensuring seamless connectivity with compatible laptops and systems. EDP offers high-speed data transfer, enabling smooth video playback, fast refresh rates, and quick response times. With EDP, the display panel can efficiently communicate with the laptop, providing a responsive and lag-free user experience.

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