How to Prolong the Life of Your LCD Display?

tft lcd display rjoytek

    With the development of liquid crystal display technology, today’s liquid crystal display has become a must-have products especially on electronic product for many people. The LCD display is a relatively expensive product, so we should pay attention to protect it in daily use and transportation, so how to prolong life the LCD screen?

    tft lcd display rjoytek

    1. Avoid prolonged use of the screen
    Whether it is a semi-finished TFT LCD panel to test or a all-in-one LCD display, long-term work is not a good thing for LCD.When you do not use your LCD screen, please turn off the power. By the way, less use or donor use screen wallpapers and screensavers. Because the screen wallpapers and screensavers with high bright colors, and the contrast is strong. Long time use them will distort the color of the LCD, which will affect the life time of the LCD display. Thus, it is best to use a monochrome color or cancel the screen saver.

    2. Avoid vibration when transportation
    The TFT LCD screen is very fragile, because the screen with glass part in the screen, strong shock and vibration will damage any accessories inside include the glass. Do not put any pressure on the LCD screen or bump or squeeze it.

    3. Anti-electromagnetic interference
    The LCD display should be far away from objects with strong magnetic fields. The surrounding strong magnetic field will generate extra voltage inside the display, thus affecting the stability of the LCD voltage. Being in a strong magnetic field for a long time will also cause color distortion, which will affect the display effect and life of the LCD.

    4, Anti- moisture
    pay attention to avoid moisture to enter the screen. If the indoor humidity is too high, and the screen in outdoor but no anti-rain protection, condensation may occur inside the LCD, resulting in leakage and short circuit of the LCD, and even burns the display.

    5, Clean up regularly.
    When cleaning the TFT LCD screen, please turn off the power, unplug the power cable and signal cable, then carefully wipe from the center of the screen outward with a soft cloth and detergent, you could use clear water + soft lint-free cloth or pure cotton lint-free cloth, please do not spray liquid directly on the screen to prevent moisture from invading the inside of the LCD screen.


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