How Many Benefits You Will Get When Cooperation with Chinese LCD Manufacturers?

    This is maybe the biggest benefit that working with Chinese LCD module manufacturers. It can even be assumed that this is maybe the biggest reason why the Asian country is at the forefront of the mass manufacturing business.

    1: Reduced the LCD Module Costs

    This is maybe the biggest benefit that working with Chinese LCD module manufacturers. It can even be assumed that this is maybe the biggest reason why the Asian country is at the forefront of the mass manufacturing business.

    When you are will order bulk products, you need to save your money as much as you can. The more you save up, the more profit you can make when reselling. Furthermore, lower costs can help you to set lower prices in your market. This can attract more clients and explore your market.

    This is applies to LCD modules market, when you save up on costs when buying LCD modules, you can set a lower price for the whole machine or gadget that you are producing. Rjoytek can provide full solutions of LCD, and with a own factory, thire products includes small inch lcd module to large size, and customized is welcome.

    2: Support customized of small quantity

    This is a very helpful benefit for small start-up companies. Usually, manufacturers in the USA or any other country are not like working with you if you are a small company. Due to this, smaller companies always meet trouble when they. Smaller companies are going to start off with smaller orders. Small orders are not very lucrative and beneficial for suppliers. The larger the order, the more convenient it will be for the manufacturer.

    3: Fast Delivery

    There are large production market and many factory in China, some factories have large amount of stock products, when you are buying from the Chinese, you don’t have to face any of delivery problems. Even you are paying less and buy less products, you can get satisfactory quality and fast delivery time.

    4: Flexible Options

    Another great benefit of getting production done in China is the option is flexible, you even can get your customized products with small quantity, and you could choose sell it on your country or sell it in China, What that means is that while you can transport your merchandise to your home country, you also have the option of making them available in China.

    In the case of LCD modules, LCD display is easy to break and international shipping cost usually expensive, especially shipping so far from china to your country, so if you have a Chinese company, that is good idea.  if you are buying the LCD modules to resale at a profit, you can use the Chinese markets to grow your business.

    Benefits of choosing Rjoytek for buying LCD Modules

    First, you have known the benefits of choosing Chinese manufacturer, but why you choose Rjoytek to process your LCD item? There are some advantages to you reference.

    1: Full LCD Solution

    Here you could choose directly buying standard LCD module of famous brand, such as BOE, SHARP, PANDA, AUO and so on. And you also could custom like your logo on the LCD panel, adjust brightness, different interface you could choose, custom FPC, size and module shape, etc. You can enjoy an all-in-one experience from here.

    2: Ease for communicate

    Generally, wholesalers and suppliers sell their merchandise in bundles of 100, 500, and 2000, etc. However, the Rjoytek store gives you the option of buying single pieces standard and small quantity customized, so that you could the best options that you need.

    3: Trust and Experience

    One of the main things that Rjoytek in LCD Module field for many years, and thier factory is standard company which with R & D department, sales team, QC department and engineer team.  Rjoytek was founded in 2014 and a fast-growing company with a number of practical patent certificates.

    4: Reliability

    We talk about reliability from several aspects. The first is the support that the company can provide for you, such as product quality certification, factory-related qualification certification, whether there is design support, engineering support, the establishment time of the supplier company, export experience, etc. Of course we are willing to choose a comprehensive company for cooperation.

    Let’s take a brief look at Rjoytek’s various factory and product certifications. Authoritative factory certifications such as ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001, etc., product certifications such as REACH, CE, etc., and other certificates you can also clearly see on the picture. We are a company established in 2014. So far, we have accumulated 9 years of experience in this LCD industry. We are still making progress and hope to provide more support for our customers.


    If you are looking for LCD modules in bulk, welcome to contact us to get your products, whatever standard LCD display or customized item,  we provide full LCD solution for our clients.

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